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Alex's DBZ RPG 5 // Kelioux Empire

Traveling: Space travel is pretty easy, you must have two things. A space ship of any sort is one of them, and the other is around 7 days. Typically it takes 1 week to travel to or from any planet. Which type of ship you have may decrease this time.


Controlling Player: Aria
Conquered Perk: mmune to confusion and are given the ability Demonic Will. If you are already a demon and have learned it traditionally, it doubles the effects..
Population: 5 billion Keliouxians
Moon: Yes
Special Features: 1 Master
In-Depth: Click Here


Ruins of Cauldron
Controlling Player: Bardock
Conquered Perk: You are immune to scorching and burn crits. Using these crits against an opponent has 10% increased chance of hit.
Population: None
Moon: None
Special Features: Destroyed in battle.
In-Depth: Click Here

Controlling Player: None
Conquered Perk: All modes of acceleration are increased by 50% of the base.
Population: 500,000 Keliouxians, 200,000 Aliens
Moon: Yes
Special Features: x10 gravity and must known Bukujutsu or Hikou to be on this planet.
In-Depth: Click Here

Controlling Player: None
Conquered Perk: You may upgrade any ship you have with any ship upgrades regardless of type as long as you control the planet. Ships and upgrades cost 10% less.
Population: 2 million Keliouxians
Moon: No
Special Features: Once per week while on Juno you may fight a Kassack and gain +25 exp, and +25 all stats. This counts as your weekly battle.
In-Depth: Click Here


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