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Alex's DBZ RPG 5 // Trophy Info

Trophies may be earned by completing various activities in the RPG. Once you have met the requirements, you can request a trophy on the trophy requests forum to be approved by a staff member. The first of each trophy earned increases all stats by +10 during battle.

World Tournament Champion
Champion's Crown
This trophy is held by the current World Champion of Earth. There can be only be one of these trophies so if the current holder does not win the next tournament, he loses it. Instead of +10 all stats, this trophy will add +100 all stats in battle.
World Tournament Winner
1st Place Trophy
Awarded for winning a tournament. This can be won along with the Champion's Crown if it is an Earth tournament. Adds +100 all stats in battle.
World Tournament 2nd Place
2nd Place Ribbon
Ribbon that is awarded for a 2nd place finish in a tournament. Adds +50 all stats in battle.
Roleplayer of the Month
Roleplayer Of The Month
Awarded for being the roleplayer of the month, an honor reserved for the best roleplayer during that month as judged by staff.
Complete one roleplay school class
Officially Trained
Awarded for successfully completing one class in the Roleplay School. All assignments must be done with a passing grade to complete the class. Adds +50 all stats in battle.
Participate in 3 sagas
Trophy awarded for participating in at least three official sagas.
Saga MVP
Saga MVP
This trophy is awarded for being voted Saga MVP of any official saga. Adds +50 all stats in battle.
Complete 4 or more quests
Trophy awarded for completing 4 or more quests.
Complete 7 or more quests
Quest Expert
Complete 7 or more quests.
Win A Contest
Contest Cup
Win a contest that is held on the site.
Send 3 or more people to the next dimension to earn this gruesome award.
Compile 10 battle wins on your record.
Post at least 40 times in one saga (either personal or official).
Sparring Partner
Spar 10 times.
Well Traveled
Go to every planet at least once.
What's in my briefcase?
Approve 50 updates as a staff member.
Update Trophy
Grizzled Veteran
Get a consecutive update counter up to 52 weeks.
Business Suit
Business Suit
Remain on the staff for a period of one year.
Staff 2
Top 25 Compiler
Compile the top 25 fighters list and have it put up on the site.
Accumulate 20,000 zeni to earn this trophy. Adds +20 all stats in battle.
Awarded to any member who has donated $10 or more to the site as a symbol of their contribution.
Ref's Award
Referee at least 10 player battles.
Quick Hands
Steal an item in 10 different battles.
Sell something in 50 different auctions.
Hydra Head
Hydra Head
Defeat the Hydra on Planet Rath.
Alliance War
Alliance Warrior
Be on the winning side of an alliance war and live.
Monopoly Master
Defeat Alex at a game of Monopoly in which he completed at least one trade. Adds +100 all stats in battle.
Defeat Alex in a best 2 out of 3 match on Pokemon TCG Online. Adds +100 all stats in battle.
Hearthstone Master
Defeat Alex in a match of Hearthstone. Adds +100 all stats in battle.
True Winner
Defeat Alex at a game of Tetris. Best 2 out of 3. Adds +100 all stats in battle.
Recruit another member to the RPG that remains active for at least two weeks.
Division 1 Champion
Division 1 Champion
Achieved for finishing a season in first place in division 1 of the fantasy league. Adds +50 all stats in battle.
Division 2 Champion
Division 2 Champion
Achieved for finishing a season in first place in division 2 of the fantasy league.
Winning Streak
Winning Streak
Achieved by winning 5 matches consecutively in the fantasy league.
Best of 2011
Best of 2011
Won a Best of 2011 Award. Adds +100 all stats in battle.
Retired Vier
Site Hero
Sent Vier into an early retirement.
Maxed Out
Maxed Out
Level up a fighting style to level 100. Adds +50 all stats in battle.
Kick, Punch, It's All In the Mind
Kick, Punch, It's All In the Mind
Level up two fighting styles each to level 100. Adds +100 all stats in battle.
10th Dan
10th Dan
Become a site master.
Make America Great Again
Make America Great Again
I was a member when America was Made Great Again on November 8, 2016. Adds +100 all stats in battle.
Dutiful Master
Dutiful Master
As a site Master teach at least two techniques, including your "Signature Technique," to at least two other players.
Planet Owner
Planet Owner
Own a Player Owned planet that is listed on the Universe page.
ADBZRPG Subscriber
You are a monthly subscriber.
Social Distance Survivor
Complete a spar, battle, quest, or personal saga during the Coronavirus Pandemic of 2020. Adds +100 all stats in battle.
Saga Spinner
Saga Spinner
Write at least 50,000 words in a personal or official saga thread that goes for over 250,000 total words.
10 Years
10 Years
Reach 520 total updates completed. Adds +520 all stats in battle..
10 Years
Smite Dis
Play a game of Smite with Alex. Adds +100 all stats in battle.


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