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Alex's DBZ RPG 5 // Races


  • Start with the abilities Mystic Attack and Regeneration.
  • Can find dragonballs faster (3 Dragonballs per 2 weeks).
  • Start RPG with item: Weighted Cape.
  • Have several "Namekians Only" moves and items available.
  • Start RPG with double intelligence.
  • Must start on planet Namek.


  • Start with the transformation Uncontrolled Ouzaru.
  • Start with the ability Zenkai.
  • Start with the ability Hardiness.
  • Start RPG with item: Saiyan Armor W/ Shoulders.
  • The tail may be equipped as an accessory to prevent grabbing in battle.
  • Until a power level of 75,000 is attained, if the tail is grabbed, it will weaken the fighter and paralyze them for 2 actions (once per battle).
  • Start RPG with 1 base intelligence.


  • Start with the abilities Built In Scouter, Ki Disruptor, and Hikou.
  • Cell & Cell Jr start with Sense, Ki Suppression, Improved Regeneration, and Bukujutsu instead.
  • Cell & Cell Jr have special super forms.
  • Have several purchasable upgrades and android-only items.
  • Immune to battle fatigue from ki drain (except for Cell and Cell Jr).
  • May not use sensu beans or rejuvenation tanks (except for Cell and Cell Jr).


Hybrids are complete, customized characters with unique characteristics (because you choose them). When creating a hybrid you may select it's gender and appearance, as well as selecting any 2 racial traits. However, when creating a hybrid, you must select a dominant race. When you select a dominant race, you will receive that race's flaw, but also be able to use that race's specific techniques. Remember, you may only have 1 perk per race.

  • Saiyan: Saiyan Transformations or Zenkai.
  • Android: Hikou, Built in Scouter, and Ki Disruptor or can use Androids Only items/techniques.
  • Human: Sense and Leadership or increase alliance size by +1 if captain or co-captain.
  • Changeling: remove PL requirement of first transformation quest or Start with an Underling (and -3 alignment).
  • Demon: Double meditation gains or being able to Majin.
  • Alien: Start RPG with +5,000 to any stat and +1,000 zeni or receive +10 to the stat from side jobs.
  • Celestial: Use Heal at any alignment or once per month may go to ND for 2 weeks.
  • Alien: Do not have any disadvantage.
  • Saiyan: Start with 1 intelligence
  • Android: May not use Sensu Beans.
  • Human: Start with -5% all stats.
  • Changeling: Must start on Frieza.
  • Demon: May not use Spirit attacks.
  • Celestial: Cannot obtain or use Mystic & Daemon forms.

  • Start with the abilities Sense and Leadership.
  • Start RPG with item: Karate Gui.
  • Start RPG with double charisma.
  • Receive +25 zeni from any side job.
  • Receive an extra +5 exp from spars and battles.
  • Receive +5 all stats when training with Master Roshi.
  • A human may fight alongside 2 allies in battles.
  • If captain or co-captain of an alliance, increases max size of alliance by +1.
  • Start RPG with -5% all stats.


  • Start RPG with an open transformation quest.
  • Start RPG with 1 underling.
  • Start RPG with an additional 5,000 to a stat (+1,500 if canon).
  • May have 1 additional underling past the limit.
  • Start RPG with -3 alignment score.
  • Can breathe in space.
  • Must start on planet Frieza.


  • Start RPG with 1,000 extra zeni.
  • Capable of equipping 3 accessories.
  • Start RPG with +5,000 extra of any stat (+7,000 if canon).
  • Receive +10 to the stat from side jobs (if criminal, you may pick a stat).
  • None


  • If dead may come back 1 week sooner if desired.
  • Ability to become Majin.
  • Training increased by +10 all stats per week while in the next dimension.
  • Have the ability to travel to Hell when in the next dimension.
  • Receive double base gains for meditation training.
  • Can reach -10 alignment.
  • May use 'Evil Only' techs regardless of actual alignment
  • May not use Spirit attacks. If hit by Spirit Bomb there is a 50% chance they will instantly be killed.


  • Have several "Celestials Only" moves available.
  • Don't have to spend a week at Yamma's check-in when killed.
  • Once per month, may go to the Next Dimension for 2 weeks.
  • Can use the technique Heal while at any alignment.
  • Cannot obtain or use Mystic & Daemon forms.


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