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Alex's DBZ RPG 5 // Alliances


  • 3 alliance members may fight together (instead of only 2 normally)
  • May spar 3x a week instead of only 2x. Must spar an alliance member on the third spar.
  • Accumulate zeni together (each spar they do, each participant may put all earned zeni into the bank).
  • Two alliance members may combine efforts to build "alliance only" items. They can also do this to build ships and planet buildings 1 week faster. To do either, both members need at least 30 intelligence and cannot build anything else.
  • May purchase "alliance only" items.
  • Alliance-specific boards with password protection.


To form an alliance, you need at least 3 members but no more than 7. There must be a Captain(leader) and Co-Captain named.

You can't battle anybody in your alliance but you can challenge the Captain and Co-Captain for their leadership roles in the alliance. You can do this only once (for each position). During a challenge the Co-Captain may come to the Captains aid, but any of the normal members may aid the member trying to oust the Captain. If the Co-Captain is challenging the Captain, it is 1 on 1. If you lose a challenge for cap/co-cap you are ejected from the alliance. If you leave an alliance for any reason, you may return after four months have passed.

You cannot donate zeni to the alliance, it must be accumulated through alliance spars or generated through the Captain's charisma trait (see section above). Alliance funds can also not be used for anything other than alliance items.

You can donate items to the alliance. These items are lost if the alliance is disbanded and can be used by any alliance member by checking the item out in an update. If an item is checked out by a member, the member can be snuck for it if it is a rare item. All rules regarding owning an item apply to a member checking an alliance item out, for example they cannot check out an item that requires the user to be lawful good if they are chaotic evil, despite this item being considered as being owned by the allaince. Limited rare items cannot be deposited into an alliance vault if both the captain and co-captain both have limited rare items, as indicated by a (*), unless a member without a limited rare item checks it out. The item must be checked out in an update, and the alliance page must be updated. If an alliance is disbanded, all of the items and zeni disappear.

The Captain and Co-Captain may be sneak attacked if there is a rare item or over 10,000 zeni in the alliance vault.

If the Captain or Co-Captain are defeated in battle, the opponent may steal an item or zeni from the alliance vault.

Current alliances can be found here.

Alliance Wars

Two alliances that don't like each other may end up going to war. An alliance war is a series of 1 vs 1 battles to the death (with no healing time) between rival alliance members. Whoever is left standing after this series of battles is the winner. If you lose an alliance war, your alliance is disbanded and all alliance items and funds are absorbed into the other alliance. The Captain and Co-Captain of the losing side will automatically be killed if they weren't already during the battles. Neither of them may form or join another alliance for one month. The captains of both alliances need to agree to a war and once agreed to, there is no backing out.

Not every alliance member needs to participate but arrangements have to be made to complete the war in a timely fashion (for example, you can't put it off saying someone isn't on the planet yet). Alliance wars may not be used simply to "transfer" items and zeni to another alliance if yours is already thinking of being disbanded. If it was found out that this happened, the winning alliance will also be disbanded.

Alliance Duels

Alliance Wars may also be conducted using the "duels" battle type on an individual basis. A member of one alliance may challenge a member of a rival alliance to an alliance duel. This is a 1 on 1 battle to the death which cannot be jumped or fled from. The loser is not only killed, but also ejected from their alliance.


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