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Alex's DBZ RPG 5 // Planet Ippen

Planet Description
Population: 500,000 Keliouxians, 200,000 Aliens
Moon: Yes
Special Features: x10 gravity and must known Bukujutsu or Hikou to be on this planet.
Ruler: Grandmaster Adel
Military Strength: 50,000+
Average PL: Military 1,800, Civilian 800

Ippen is a large gas giant. Unique to most gas giants it the fact that the planet is mostly composed of oxygen and nitrogen making it breathable to most living creatures. When inside of Ippen, it looks like one is floating in an endless blue sky swirled with white clouds. The Keliouxians have built floating cities that are suspended by anti-gravity engines that cause them to float in endless sky. Sometimes there are large wind storms on the surface that make flying almost impossible and the Keliouxians are forced to hide within their floating cities.


Keliouxians and other various alien races call Ippen home. The planet's main industry is the mining of rare and exotic gases within its inner atmosphere, where the pressures are higher and the concentration of gases is better for extraction. Most people on Ippen are rugged spacers, miners and ki users who are looking to make a quick business profit.

Politics and Government

The colony of Ippen was set up by the Keliouxian government, but other than a small garrison of soliders the world is run by a group of Keliouxian and ouside corporations. They build their floating cities and embark on their mining ventures. They often make their own rules and have a fierce competition over the vast resources, sometimes breaking out in small time warfare over the best caches of rare gases.


Mining ventures on Ippen started only fifty years ago when the first Keliouxian explorers arrived. They built floating cities and granted charters to various corporations. Other than that Ippen has been a place to make a quick buck, bringing people from across the galaxy for work and profit.


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