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Alex's DBZ RPG 5 // Planet Juno

Planet Description
Population: 2 million Keliouxians
Moon: No
Special Features: Once per week while on Juno you may fight a Kassack and gain +25 exp, and +25 all stats. This counts as your weekly battle.
Ruler: Grandmaster Adel
Military Strength: 25,000+
Average PL: Military 1,500, Civilian 150

Juno is a small desert world with large sand deserts that move like the oceans do on other worlds. The shifting sands of Juno are unsafe for travel by foot, as most would be lost underneath the rolling dunes and within the blowing sandstorms. Despite its arid desert nature, Juno can be very cold towards its poles and sometimes even experiences snow and frost. Near its equator it becomes so hot during the day that a person who doesn't wear protective equipment would be burned to death. Between the shifting sands are small rocky islands and outcrops that serve as bastions for the planet's inhabitants. Sometimes liquid water and sparse shrubbery can be found there as well. Juno orbits a red star called Inferno.


The Keliouxians on Juno are a hardy bunch of frontiersmen and desert dwellers. Juno is home to the native Kassack, a mighty beast. Kassacks are large dragons that live on the surface of Juno and they have a natural power level of around 800 to 2,000. They are among the only creatures with the ability to use ki attacks by nature. They have a special ability called Ki Eater, which enables them to absorb an energy attack and fire it back at double the strength. It takes skill and great power to defeat a Kassack and bring back its head to Kelioux and be considered a master.

Politics and Government

There is a small garrison of Keliouxian soldiers on Juno, but other than that it is mostly lawless. The Keliouxians who live here take care of themselves. Most towns and villages appoint their own sheriff who oversees the protection and administration of its residents.


Juno went untouched for milennia before the first Keliouxian settlers arrived. They were the outcasts and outlaws of Keliouxian society, and turned Juno into an unofficial colony. For many years, Juno was a secret world, protected by these outsiders. A few eventually sold its location to Grandmaster Adel, who sent his warships to investigate. The people didn't want war, so they submitted to Keliouxian rule. Ever since that fateful day the people of Juno have been wary of their government and some have spoken word or rebellion.

Key Locations

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