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Alex's DBZ RPG 5 // Keliouxian Shipyard



Ambassador-class Yacht
2,500 Holds 2 people and a gravitron or mega gravitron. May be upgraded with a Luxury Rejuvenation Tank.
Corvette-class Speeder
1,500 Holds 1 person and a rejuvenation tank. May be upgraded with a Jump Drive.
Odin-class Cruiser
6,000 Holds 7 people. Can hold a gravitron, mega graviton, or ultra gravitron, and a rejuvenation tank. May upgrade with Padded Rooms and Mark IV Anti-Personnel Warhead. May dock a Saiyan Space pod inside.
Behemoth-Class Carrier
10,000 Holds 8 people. Counts as a training center that can move through space. May dock three Saiyan Space Pods or one Corvette Class Speeder or one Capsule Corp Ship inside.
Mark IV Anti-Personnel Warhead
3,000 An Orbit-to-Surface projectile weapon fired from space that enters the planet's atmosphere and separates into smaller projectiles capable of homing in on multiple targets. A strike may be called in once per battle; takes 1 action, targets all opponents, undodgable with a DR of 4. Must be installed in an Odin-class Cruiser or Frieza's Starship. Takes 1 week to install.
Jump Drive
10,000 / 5,000 The latest and greatest technology in space travel, this special engine is capable of taking a ship from point A to point B instantly! Allows you to travel instantly to any planet. Comes charged, must be recharged after each use. Must be installed in a Corvette-class Speeder or Frieza's Starship. Takes 1 week to install. Whenever activated, there is a 1% chance your ship will explode mid-flight and you will die unless you jump into a docked Saiyan Space Pod to escape the fiery inferno.
Luxury Rejuvenation Tank
8,000 / 4,000 The finest medical facility Zeni can buy, this Rejuvenation Tank is not just incredibly comfortable; it's the only Tank in the universe capable of utilizing our exclusive fluid formula. Allows one person to instantly recover after losing a battle. Fluid must be replaced after each use. Must be installed in an Ambassador-class Yacht or Frieza's Starship. Takes 1 week to install.

If you have training equipment installed you must declare it on your profile in parentheses after your ship. Example: Capsule Corp Ship (gravitron).

*Note: As of the 5.4.4 patch, you may only have one active ship in your inventory. Docked and hangared ships do not count.

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