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Alex's DBZ RPG 5 // Planet Kelioux

Planet Description
Population: 5 billion Keliouxians
Moon: Yes
Special Features: 1 Master
Ruler: Grandmaster Adel
Military Strength: 300 million+
Average PL: Military 1,500, Civilian 150

Kelioux is a large planet covered in impact craters and ruins. The planet was once beautiful and lush until it was hit by a meteor storm thousands of years ago. The storm left the world devoid of life. Its atmosphere eventually recovered and made it habitable once again. Life itself now has started to flourish only because of Keliouxian terraforming. One of the unique features of Kelioux is that is covered in the ruins of an ancient civilization called the Lost. Kelioux has a moon named Graygex and orbits a blue-white star called Illumon.


The Keliouxians males an average of seven feet tall while females are a bit smaller at six to six and a half feet. They usually have long blue hair and eye color ranging from red, to orange, to amber. Keliouxians are very muscular by nature and are natural warriors. They can live two hundred to three hundred years. Despite their physical nature, many are scholarly and devote much of their lives to learning about the Lost and their superior ancient technology. Keliouxians are natural ki users; most are born with the talent. From studying the records and accords of the Lost, they have become some of the best and revered ki users in the entire galaxy.

Politics and Government

The leader of Kelioux is Grandmaster Adel. Keliouxian leaders are not chosen by bloodline, like in many cultures, but intead by their knowledge of the Lost and mastery of the ki arts. Despite this, Grandmasters often appoint their students as their sucessors, which most often are their own children. Although, they don't always have to share the same blood or even be the same race. It is knowledge and skill that counts the most on Kelioux. Adel has been at the rank of Grandmaster for more than a hundred years years. Beneath him are lesser Masters who are in control of various settlements and government institution. Keliouxians focus heavily on proving ones worth through action and merit. Their government is focused on reconstructing the great civilization of the Lost and becoming the most technologically advanced race in the galaxy by studying the artifacts they left behind. Adel has brought Kelioux onto the galactic stage during his reign, by opening the Empire's doors to trade and cooperating with their biggest ally, the Avalon Protectorate.


The Lost once held Kelioux as their capital world in the ages of the past. It was called Kayren during their reign. After the Lost died out, a meteor storm hit the planet nothing was left but ruins and a blackened sky. The nomadic Keliouxians eventually discovered the ruined world and claimed it as their new home. They settled down on the planet and began to worship the ruins of The Lost--whom they thought of as gods. They learned and adapted the left over technology, propelling their civilization ten fold. Since then they have expanded their territories across multiple worlds and have build powerful cities surrounding the Lost ruins.

Key Locations

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