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Alex's DBZ RPG 5 // Toffit

Planet Description

Permanent Population: 20,000
Moon: Yes
Special Features: 1 Master, Chamber of Repose, Reforging Station
Ruler: Aubriel
Military Strength: ??
Average PL: 85,000

Formally, Toffit was a toxic and mostly inhospitable place of a planet. Due to events that transpired during it's great war, the planet switched hands of leadership. Now, it has become the home world for the Celestials in the mortal dimension. This alone has greatly changed the face of the planet. No longer is it a wasteland, but a verdant garden with varying eco systems. Despite it's close position to the sun, it doesn't suffer from the overheating effects it once used to, as evidenced by the exotic fauna. A few ruined PTO outposts can be found amongst the planet, but the main attraction is the giant fortress located in the planets southern hemisphere.


Currently the planet is inhabited by a small group of celestials that come from all walks of life. Here, they unite under banners that may be seen as blasphemous to some. Fallen angels, graced angels, humans, aliens of all sorts are welcomed so long as they don't cause trouble; anything but demonkin. Although some pockets of resistance still reside inside the treasure filled tunnels beneath the planet.

Politics and Government

In the absence of an archangel, a council of four takes place as the ruling party when it comes to all serious matters. These Elders are a way for the celestials to break free from the hierarchy of the next dimension, and allow a true form of free will. The faction is allied with the independent planet Maverick.


While not overly long or conflicted, the planet's history is a bloody one. For the longest time it remained a useless part of the PTO, only receiving travelers in the single digits throughout the years. That is, until the planet was overtaken by demons. They were searching for something locked away deep in the bowels of the planet, before history could even remember. This action spurred a rogue celestial to gather a study group of adventurers and attempt taking the planet back. The details are unclear, but the end result was the demonic forces, and that of the PTO were almost completely wiped off the planet. After wresting the planet from the clutches of evil, the celestial's knew that they needed to ensure the latent seal stayed hidden. And to that extent, they populated the planet and made it their home world outside of the Next Dimension.

Key Locations

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