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Alex's DBZ RPG 5 // The Fallen Armory


Fallen Armory

*Please note Elysian Armor can only be used by those higher than tier one in the Fallen.

* Elysian Set Bonus (3): Standard weapon attacks carry a +5% increased crit chance.

The Fallen Armory
Elysian Chestplate
Increases Toughness by 8% in battle (+10% at Top Rank). Reduces damage taken by 18%. Increases Toughness by +5 per week. Once per battle, may use Honed/Blunt Anima at no ki cost.
Elysian Armlets
Equipped on the arms. Increases Strength by 5% in battle (+6% at Top Rank). Increases strength by +5 per week.
Elysian Boots
Equipped on the legs. Increases Speed by 5% in battle (+6% at Top Rank). Increases Speed by +6 per week.
Lesser Elixir of the Gods
[Tier One Item] +250 All Stats. Limit to use 5.
Shard of Arcane Magnetism
[Tier One Item] Prepped Item. Stuns an opponent for two actions. Cannot be brought into battle alongside a Stun Grenade or Sonic Gun. 5 Uses.
Demon-Blood Tattoo
[Tier One Item]While in your inventory, increases one stat by 5% in battle (Chosen at the start of each battle) [2 Max]
Vial of Amorphous Light
[Tier Two Item] Prepped Item. Heals 5% total damage and restores 5% ki. May not be used with Potion or Light of the Host.
Esoteric Grimoire
[Tier Two Item]May be read 5 times. The first three reads increase Intelligence by +10 per week. The 4th week lowers your alignment by -1, and the 5th week grants +1 prepared weapon technique slot. May not be re-read.
Vile Tablet of Negation
[Tier Two Item] An ancient tablet that when broken, de-transes your opponents for your next two actions. Does not require your opponents to use an action to transform into the form they were knocked out of. May not be used in conjunction with finishers.

Chamber of Waking

Once per month you may enter the Chamber and have your spiritual essence transported to another planet where you take on the form of a mortal native, allowing you to take a quest on that planet. Must belong to the Fallen Organization to use.


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