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Alex's DBZ RPG 5 // Reforging Station


reforging station

The Reforging Station is a powerful celestial forge that allows you to customize equipment to your liking by changing what stats it effects. For example, you can reforge an item that increases your strength to increase any other stat (other than ki/pl).

You can change both training and battle items. Each training point that is reforged costs 50 zeni to change. You can change up to 100 in-battle bonus points per 50 zeni.

There are a few restrictions, of course. You can't change percents, you can't change traits, and you can't change something that increases all stats. It doesn't work on inscriptions either. After reforging, put (reforged) after the item name on your profile so people know why it is giving different stats.

Empyrean Forge - An extremely powerful artifact spirited away from the Next Dimension when the Celestial force took over Toffit. This forge is a prison for a powerful demon which transmutes their chaotic energies into beneficial reserves that can be used to enhance equipment. The Forge allows you to change the allocation of stats on your items.
  • Training stats: +All stats cannot be altered. Cannot put points directly into PL/ Ki
  • +1 stat to +1 another stat (300 Zeni per point)
  • +2 to one trait per week (Max of one per equipment piece) (+1500 Zeni)
  • +5 All stats (Max of one addition per equipment piece) (+1500 Zeni)
  • Battle Stats: You can alter half the base percentages on items and fully alter static stats.
  • Altering 1% to another stat of your choice (1,000 zeni)
  • Altering 1 point of static stats (10 zeni each)
  • +10% Resistance to one of the following criticals (Burn, Slice, Pierce)
  • Weapons:
  • +1 Weapon Level (Max weapon level is 4. 2000z per level)
  • Armor:
  • Increase the damage reduction of body armor by +1 (Max increase of 5%)(1,000 zeni each percent)

    Access to the Reforging Station and Empyrean Forge must be unlocked via the quest Rekindling the Flame.


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