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Alex's DBZ RPG 5 // Consecrated Fortress


Consecrated Fortress

The Consecrated Fortress is the main hub of activity for the planet, and where the Elder Council resides. Here you can purchase items, train with the Elder Council, or use the Chamber of Repsose.

Usable Item. Allows the use of Barrier OR Body Shield. Limit to use 1 per battle.
Light of the Host
Usable Item. Allows you to us the technique Heal once at no ki cost. Can be cast on yourself. Counts as your heal for that post. Limit to carry 1.
Equipped on the legs. Boots that increase the damage of all kick attacks and kick-related techs by 5%. If used on a demon, increases damage by 10% instead. Also adds +10 stamina per week.
Purity Robe
Equipped on the body. An upgrade to the White Robe (must have a White Robe to buy). Adds an additional +2 speed per week and +100 speed in battle per alignment point on top of White Robe's gains. Cannot equip white robe while having this.
Leather Bound Tome
(Celestials Only) Teaches the special ability Recall when read. Takes 1 week to read.
Anointed Plate
Equipped on the body. Once per battle when hit with a critical effect, may request a re-roll (reduces chances of being hit with it). Reduces damage taken by 10%. Increases toughness by +10% in battle. Does not increase PL or Ki. Also increases toughness by +10 per week.
Anointed Helmet
Equipped on the head. Increases all stats by +2 per week but toughness by +10 instead. Reduces the ki cost of heal by 2%.
Anointed Gauntlets
Equipped on the arms. Increases all stats by +2 per week. Increases the effectiveness of heal by 10% (effectiveness, not base %). Increases toughness by +10 per week.
Anointed Shield
Equipped as an accessory. Can be used to block two fundamentals per battle. Can be used to block one uncharged advanced per battle (or 50% of a charged advanced). Can do each once. Each blocked tech wears down the shield and reduces the effectiveness of blocking subsequent techs by 10% for that battle (so 50% would become 45%). When set bonus is active, Anointed Shield can also be used to block 25% damage from an uncharged finisher per battle (or 10% of a charged finisher).

(Anointed Plate Set Bonus) If you have the Anointed Plate, Helmet, Gauntlets, and Shield equipped, the set will also allow you to use bukujutsu at no ki cost, increases the effectiveness of heals by +10%, add +15 to all stats per week, and reduces duration of critical status effects by 2 actions.

Chamber of Repose

A usable area of the fortress where those who have earned access can go to meditate and gain enlightenment. After completing the quest One in the Chamber, it allows you to meditate inside once. Benefits are based on your alignment when using the chamber:
  • Good aligned get +5,000 to any two stats of their choosing.
  • Neutral aligned gain +5,000 to a single stat and +2 character levels and 2 fighting style levels
  • Evil aligned gain +8 character levels + 8 fight style levels

    Bonus: Mediating in the chamber unlocks the "Chamber of Repose:..." quest. Unlike normal quests, the prompt to this changes every four months, allowing you to take it again. The difficulty level required to complete this quest is also up to you. Completing 1,800 words will give you Easy Quest gains, completing 3,700 words will give you Medium Quests gains, and so forth. Each difficulty level also rewards one Shard of Repose. These shards can be spent on items in the future Shard of Repose Shop through your updates. The quest must be completed before the rotation ends to get rewards.


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