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Alex's DBZ RPG 5 // Avalon


Planet Description
Population: 4 billion+ Avalanians
Moons: No
Special Features: None
Ruler: Royal Council; Avalon Senate
Military Strength: 100 Million+
Average PL: Military 900, Civilian 50

Avalon is a temperate planet, with many large mountain ranges. The climate is mostly comparable to low level tundra. There are two small oceans, one to the east, and the other in the south, and a plethora of streams run to either of the two seas. In the valleys between the mountains is where the highly advanced cities of the Avalanians are located. The Cougon Plains is a large expanse of desert and steppe that separates several of the largest cities. Avalon orbits a yellow star called Hellio.


Avalon is inhabited by the Avalonians. Avalonians are humanoid in appearance, with yellow eyes and snow white hair, that is usually worn long, past the waist. While Avalanians pride themselves on being devoted warriors and are most known for their Paladin fighters, they have mastered many technologies and sciences. Their technology is so advanced, that traders from all over the universe come to trade at the Avalon City Bazaar.

Politics and Government

The government is run by a high council of six Avalanians of royal blood. Almost every Avalanian loves living under the council's rule and for the most part it is a peaceful planet with low crime. Being inducted into the Royal Avalanian Guard, the planet's army, is seen more as an honor than as a duty. Soldiers in this army can be identified by a gold armband with the Avalanian crest that they are issued. The Avalanians, during the galactic exploration, created the Protectorate—essentially a group of worlds they've taken under their wing and vowed to defend. The Protectorate Senate is a group of legislators and representatives from across the galaxy who represent their planets in the intergalactic community. Each planet admitted into the Protectorate is given a representative on the Senate.


Avalon was once a green world, bustling with life. The Avalanians built a great civilization and rose to prominence with exceptional industry and technology. But, it was at a cost. Their super advanced cities and bustling populations destroyed environment to the point that the planet became nothing more than a cold desert. This climate changed killed off much of the population and made the Avalanians look to the stars for a solution. During their era of space colonization two opposing views arose. One side wanted to build a great galactic empire, focused on dictator as a leader. The other believed in democracy and freedom and were backed by the Paladins of Ganr. The imperialists were banished before the outbreak of a civil war and eventually wandered the stars to become the Damaskians. The winning faction, backed by the Paladins created the Protectorate and built the one beacon of hope in the universe for freedom from oppression.

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