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Alex's DBZ RPG 5 // Dojo of Ganr

Ganr Dojo

The holy Paladins of Ganr are well known throughout the universe as expert swordsman. They believe that displaying skill with a weapon in battle is a form of worship for their deity, Ganr. Wielding one clumsily, however, is like blasphemy and so the Paladins will devote themselves to teaching how to fluently wield a weapon to any vagrant warrior that requests their training at the Dojo of Ganr.

You may train in the weapon technique Swordsmanship here (also available for Spears, Axes, and Staves under their respective names). This training will give you +40 all stats per week and every two weeks you will gain one level of Swordsmanship. You may only learn up to the level of Swordsmanship as the level of your weapon.

If you are neutral alignment you may also learn the Power Up Ganr's Hand here by paying 20 SP (does not require a weapon to learn).


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