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Alex's DBZ RPG 5 // Knights Guild


Welcome to the Knights Guild! Here higher ranked Paladins gather to regall stories of heroism and trade in Paladin specific gear. Must be a Paladin Knight or Templar to enter or purchase anything.

Build Time
Paladin Boots
Equipped on Legs. A mix of sturdy leather and light automail. Increases speed and toughness by +2% of base in battle.
Master Paladin Insignia
An upgrade to Paladin Longsword. Adds an additional +2% bonus damage and makes the longsword a level four blade that can be dual wielded with any other weapon. When equipped, the user can learn an additional level of swordsmanship. Changes name to Master Paladin Longsword.
Paladin Shortsword
Equipped as an Accessory. Level 3 dagger. Increases speed by +300 and 3% of base, and grants +5% bonus damage. Can be dual wielded with another weapon. If dual wield with Paladin Longsword, increases toughness by 3% as well. When equipped, the user can learn an additional level of daggermanship above this daggers current level.
Paladin Bladed Gauntlets
Equipped on the arms. Adds +5% toughness and 8% strength in battle. If equipped with Avalanian Armor, adds an additional +1,000 toughness. May only be worn if you know the move Fisticuffs. (Counts as Paladin Gauntlet for Set Bonus)
Pre-Post Analyzer
You must have the battle recorder chip to install the Pre-Post Analyzer. Gives you +2 DP with each battle.
Corrective Action Processor
You must have the battle recorder chip to install the Corrective Action Processor. Gives you +3 SP with each battle.
Gravity Weights x30
Increases the effectiveness of one piece of equipped weighted clothing by +30 all stats. Limit to 1 gravity augment.
Max Potion
Prepared Item. Restores 20% used ki in battle. Limit to carry 1. Considered a potion for the 2 carry limit.
Healing Grace
- Prepared Item. Costs one action to use. After used, the advance technique Heal will heal 10% battle fatigue instead of 5%.


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