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Alex's DBZ RPG 5 // Saiyan Empire // Pefu

Planet Description
Population: Less than 3,000
Moon: No
Special Features: Forge
Ruler: Lord Frost
Military Strength: 500+
Average PL: Military 1,000, Civilian 85

Pefu is a small ice world. It's size is barely adequate to retain any sort of breathable atmosphere. Pefu, however, is not officially a planet, but rather a moon orbiting a large Gas Giant (Grand Pefu). The massive gravitation pull exhibited by it's larger companion tugs and pulls at the small world's interior, generating a warm core, a magnetic field and thus a relatively sustainable atmosphere. The surface is relatively untouched; a near perfect sphere of smooth, unblemished ice sheets. Due to the distance from the local star, Pefu's main source of heat is the gravitational interaction beween itself and it's parent planet. As such, any form of population or life lives underground in expansive cave cities. The few structures that dot the surface are entrances to said settlements. Pefu orbits the distant blue-white star named Lorus.


The original inhabitants of Pefu are a small race, their size attributed to the lack of heat and light the planet receives. Their eyes are large, rounded and take up much of their face. Generally weak in physical nature, the race of Gavar are known to be master craftsman - they naturally rely upon weaponry and tools for defense and the construction of their underground habitats. Within the last 100 years or so the PTO invaded the planet, namely for the vast resources hidden beneath the thick ice sheets, but also for it's proximity to the Avalon protectorate. Very few changelings actually reside here on the planet, perhaps 100 at the most. The majority of PTO staff and military are actually native to Pefu, or a similar climate world.

Politics and Governments

Due to it's strategic position, Pefu was not sold on as is customary in PTO agenda. They soon developed military infrastructure on the planet, making great use of the near limitless quantities of resources that Pefu offers. As such, the ice moon holds a relatively important priority in PTO politics - military presence on the moon increases by the year, as does the PTO's mining operations for economic profit.


Pefu has little known history other than it has an ancient forge that the local Gavar have made excellent use of, developing their skills and reputation as master craftsmen throughout the galaxy.

Key Locations

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