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Alex's DBZ RPG 5 // Forge


[Gavarian Forge]

Because of the harsh cold conditions on Pefu, mastery of fire and heat is something that its inhabitants have had to obtain for survival. Because of this mastery, the Gavarians have been able to start up a unique forge. Two similar rings or two similar spheres can be forged into one here. This means you could have a forged life ring that adds +20 vitality instead of +10. The forging of two rings costs 400 zeni and the forging of two spheres costs 750 zeni. Here you can also hire an expert blacksmith to help you create an entirely new piece of equipment (Arm slot, Body slot, etc), using both of your build slots. It costs 2,000 zeni for 10 points. These points are used to determine the effects the item has, and the number of points an item can have can be increased past 10 for 200z per additional point (to a maximum of 50 points for 10,000z).

-+1 all stats: 2 Points

-+5 Per week to any stat: 2 Points

-+1 to all traits: 5 Points

-+1 to any one trait: 2 Point

-+250 to any stat in battle: 2 Point

-+1% to any stat in battle: 5 Point

-+1 Weapon Level : 5 Points (weapons start at base 0 Level)

The build time of the item is determined by the number of points the item will have after its construction: 10 - 19 Points (1 Week), 20 - 29 Points (2 Weeks), 30 - 39 Points (3 Weeks), 40 - 49 Points (4 Weeks), 50 Points (5 Weeks). After it is created it is given a name and can then be used as per normal (typically Gavarian + the type of item it is, such as Gavarian Armor, Gavarian Helmet, etc). You may not use more than 25 points for the same perk when making new items. You can also hire the smith to help you enhance existing items. Existing items can be enhanced for 400z per additional point worth of attributes given to the item (to a maximum of 25 additional points), adding the "Gavarian-Enhanced" tag to the item's name. Note that once an item has the [Gavarian] Tag on it, it cannot be enhanced by the Forge.


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