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Alex's DBZ RPG 5 // Ice Temple

Ice Temple

Centuries ago a group of Yaidratian radicals created this temple of worship on planet Pefu to stand as the polar opposite to everything the current religion believed in. The ice here is so sturdy that it cannot be melted by even the hottest inferno. The temple is guarded by sheets of ice literally miles thick and the only those wielding the Ice Staff may pass through the barrier and enter the temple.

You may use the Ice Temple once throughout the RPG. Once you enter, you may spend up to four weeks inside. You can leave anytime but may never return if you do. Meditation training gains are increased by a factor of 10 (doesn't multiply equipment gains). You will also learn a new perk for each week of training. You cannot be sneaked or battle while inside the Ice Temple. You may spar, but only with a Gem of Telepathy. May train in the Ice Temple or the Fire Temple, but not both.

After 1 week - Ice Training 1: All your immobilization critical effects have a 10% increased chance of hitting.
After 2 weeks - Ice Training 2: You may freely add critical effect: immobilize onto any advanced technique you currently know.
After 3 weeks - Ice Training 3: Reduces the chances of you being hit with critical effect: immobilize by half.
After 4 weeks - Complete a quest to learn the special technique Ice Spear.

Once you have completed your training inside of the Ice Temple, the Frost Ruby will disintegrate and the Ice Staff will once again become an Inferno Rod.

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