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Alex's DBZ RPG 5 // Frieza

Planet Description

Population: 200 million
Moons: No
Special Features: 1 Master
Ruler: Lord Frost
Military Strength: 30,000+
Average PL: Military 2,500, Civilian 300

Planet Frieza is generally associated with its frozen, grueling landscapes that encompass a majority of the planet's surface. As such, a large percentage of the planet's water sources are locked in the frozen ice caps. The few forests and permanent water bodies that dwell on the surface inhabit the equatorial regions, rarely extending past 5 degrees of latitude. These forests are typically arboreal in style - ever green vegetation that is capable of retaining what little water it receives. In the short summer months, a few temporary bodies of water play host to a more temperate climate. The remaining 80% of the planet is tundra like, gradually phasing into a complete arctic wasteland past 50 degrees latitude, dominated by a mountainous landscapes and breath taking glaciers. The planet orbits a cyan-blue star called Icer and sits at the very limit of the habitable zone of the system. It is the only planet in the system.


The inhabitants of Planet Frieza vary greatly, from the towering beasts that roam the wastes to the north and south, to the numerous rodent-like creatures scurrying about the cities and forests. However, the sentient 'Changelings' are the species whom dominate the surface world, and are native to the planet. Aside from the few who take to farming the few patches of arable land, much of the population live in the few cities that dot the landscape, many hugging the forest-equator belt. The changelings are a race of etiquette and economic achievement. Ruthless yet tactical in nature, it would be unwise to take on any changeling in battle without prior preparations - the same can be said for any business meeting one might share. Naturally they are born with an intense level of energy in their bodies which can be quickly lost and was once a prime factor in infant mortality. However, over the many years of experience in harnessing their latent strengths, the changelings developed ways to control and suppress such power: the means of transformation - a feat they are perhaps most revered for. Aside from the changelings, various other aliens scatter the landscape in small villages or caravans that travel the wastes.

Politics and Government

Due to their naturally high power levels, Changelings have always been acknowledged as primary presence in the galaxy and thus have guaranteed their expanse through the galaxy. Lord Frost, one of the most revered, wise and powerful of all changelings, holds a duel-rule over the Changeling Empire and that of Planet Frieza itself. The Cold royal family are the other half of such leadership. Frost and the Colds run their Empire with ruthless efficiency, business and economics as their primary driving force. Establishing the Planet Trade Organization, the Changelings employs other, lesser races (or their own military) to conquer and enslave various unclaimed planets. Should the planet not harbor any resources useful to the organization, they then sell the planet on to the highest bidder. Thus far the PTO typically encompasses Frieza, Toffit, Mortoseth, Arlia and Pefu as primary colonies and home worlds.


The History of Planet Frieza is one tainted by blood and power struggles. Originally the planet was splintered with different tribes and factions ruling various regions of the planet. Intense wars and bloodshed tarnished the pristine ice planet. Frost, a changeling whom was not associated with any faction, brought the main leaders together. Under his wisdom they understood that the changelings were a mighty, civilized race that could potentially rule the galaxy in the future. Frost, along with the more charismatic Cold clan were elected as the planet leaders and thus Frieza was unified and begun its campaign, expanding its cruel reach across the galaxy.

Key Locations

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