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Alex's DBZ RPG 5 // PTO Organization Headquarters


Planet Trade Organization

Build Time
PTO Planet
Must be a PTO Brute to buy. You've been given a large discount on a new planet due to your status in the PTO! Normal planet rules apply.
Active Trading Post
Only an alliance may buy this (with alliance funds). Place on a player-owned planet. Requires Level II Civilization. The PTO know how to make business boom! An upgrade to the normal trading post to add an additional 25 zeni per alliance member.
Level III Civilization
Place on a player-owned planet. Allows the owner of the planet to create one Very Hard leveled quest (must be approved). Must have a Level II Civilization already. You may only have one civilization.
Defense Ship Carrier
Place on a player owner planet. Requires hangar. Once per battle a member of the planet’s alliance can call for 1 airstrike during a battle on the planet. Targets all opponents for DR 3.
Monopoly Empire
Grants 1 DP per week for every house and mansion built on your user planet.
Chocolate Bar
Said to be one of the favorite snacks of the PTO, eating this item recovers 15% of your stamina. May only use one per battle.
PTO Bodywear
Must be a PTO Brute to Buy. Equipped on the Body. Amplifies training by +10 Toughness. Decreases damage taken by 15%. Increases Toughness in battle by +1000 +8% (+10% as Enforcer and above).
PTO Armwear
Must be a PTO Brute to buy. If you are Enforcer or higher may equip on an officer. Equipped on the Arms. (counts as Gloves or Gauntlets). Amplifies training by +10 Strength. Increases Strength in battle by +1000 +5% (+6% as Enforcer and above).
PTO Footwear
Must be a PTO Brute to buy. If you are Enforcer or higher may equip on an officer. Equipped on the Legs. Amplifies training by +10 Speed. Increases Speed in battle by +1000 +5%. (+6% as Enforcer and above)
PTO Variety Blaster
Equipped as an accessory. Deals DR 2 Damage and fires three shots, or deals DR 3 damage and fires two shots. You decide which setting when you first fire it in battle, but you can't change it mid-battle. Underlings/Officers may equip two of these, but player characters may not.
PTO Weights
Must be at least an Enforcer to purchase. May be added to PTO Bodywear. Amplifies training by +10 all stats. Limit to 2.
PTO Dragon Scouter
Equipped on the head. Allows you +1 action on your first post in a battle. Decreases additional actions from sneak attacks against you from +2 to +1. Increases intelligence by +10. Allows you to find 3 Dragonballs per 2 weeks searching (does not stack with radar).
PTO Experimental Scouter Upgrade
An upgrade that can be added to any scouter model. Allows it to bypass Ki Disrupter, and allows the addition of a Bio-Scanner and Martial Arts Database.

PTO Set bonus: Once per battle, you can call your henchmen to assist in a single attack. Attack is considered charged with one action. Does not take an action to activate.


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