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Alex's DBZ RPG 5 // Earth

Planet Description

Population: 6 billion+ Humans
Moon: Yes
Special Features: 2 Masters; Dragonballs
Ruler: King of Earth and Parliament of Earth; Senator Frank Williams on the Protectorate Senate.
Military Strength: 50 million+
Average PL: Military 10, civilian 5

Planet Earth is composed mostly of liquid water. It is a blue world, speckled with the green and brown continents and island chains. The planet is very diverse with deserts, forests, jungles and frozen wastelands. It orbits one yellow star, known as Sol and has single moon in its own orbit. The system the planet is in contains eight other planets, mostly gas giants that are inhospitable.


While there are many creatures who roam Earth, humanity is the primary civilized race. Humans are very similar to other races such as Avalanians, Saiyans and Keliouxians, and may share a common ancestor race. They are diverse in their skin tone, hair color and eye color. Your average human is very weak compared to other races, as most do not know how to harness their ki. This does not mean they lack potential, because those humans that have learned the art can match the strongest of warriors around the galaxy.

Politics and Government

As a whole, humans are quite primitive. They have made great leaps in technology but are mostly divided and unaware of the greater galaxy around them. To an outsider, earth would seem fragmented and tribal in nature. There are many nations, separated into “sectors” which are ruled by a constitutional monarchy. The monarch is the “King of Earth,” King Furry, who serves more as a figurehead than an actual ruler. The Parliament of Earth makes most decisions. Humans are slowly being introduced to the galactic community by the Avalon Protectorate and have a seat on the Protectorate Senate. Senator Frank Williams makes most decisions for the planet at galactic level.


Human history has a past of brutal warfare and great strides of intellectual advancement in the rise and fall of empires. But to the rest of the galaxy humans are a very young and naive race. An expedition led by Orus Ramsey, former leader of the Avalon Paladins“discovered” Earth, as the Protectorate fleet was scouting for worlds the Planetary Trade Organization set their sites on. At the time, Earth was just at the cusp of space age expansion. The Avalanians descended to the world, offering the Parliament of Earth a membership in their Protectorate. Earth accepted the offer and has thus become thrust upon the galactic stage.

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