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Alex's DBZ RPG 5 // Kami's Lookout

Hyperbolic Time Chamber

The Hyperbolic Time Chamber is a secret training room located in the back of Kami's lookout. Time passes much more slowly in this room and so you can do more training. You are allowed to enter the chamber twice in the duration of the RPG. There must be at least 2 months time between your first and second visit. When you enter it will increase all of your stats by +5,000, +25 DP, +10 SP, +3 fighting style levels, and +500 experience. Each time you use the HBTC you may also power up one of your level 2 passives by +20% of its effectiveness rounded up (so for example something that adds +15% will now add an additional +3%, something that adds +23 will now add +28). Works on all passives except Professional). You must have already have the level 2 version of the passive at the time of use to receive this benefit. Must be lawful good and have a power level of at least 20,000 to enter. Takes 1 week to train and you may not spar or battle others during this time.

Pendulum Room

The Pendulum Room is another room that Kami uses to train his students. This room will put you to sleep and transport your mind to another time and place where a battle has occurred. You will then fight in the battle as if you were there at the time. If you die in the battle, it does not affect your physical body. You can go into this room only once. Doing so will allow you to take on the quest entitled "Pendulum Room". You may still train while on this quest.

Kami's Student Uniform
Equipped on the body. Obtained after training with Kami for 15 consecutive weeks. Upgrades your Karate Gui. In addition to normal Gui gains, increases all stats by +10 and vitality and toughness by +20 per week when training with a master. Increases damage rating of Special Beam Cannon by +1 and reduces its ki cost by 1%. Limit to own one Uniform.


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