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Alex's DBZ RPG 5 // Dr Gero's Lab


Dr. Gero's lab

Dr. Gero was once one of the greatest scientific minds that the world has ever known. One day, he mysteriously disappeared. Nobody knows what happened to him (maybe someone should ask that Android 20 fellow) but he left his famous and well equipped lab behind. In the back of the lab, an Android Repair Unit can be found. Injured or damaged Androids may come here to repair themselves after losing a battle and reduce their healing time from 2 weeks to 1 week. The unit requires a 250 zeni "donation" to be made before each usage to become operational.

Sensory Upgrade
(Androids Only) Enables an android to upgrade their Built-In Scouter with a better model scouter. Must first have the scouter and its chips are planted into you. Item is destroyed in the process.
Focusing Lens
(Androids Only) Equipped on the head. Increases the damage rating of Eye Beam and Bionic Punisher by +1.
Repair Kit
(Androids Only) Usable Item. Heals 50% of your damage. Limit to carry 1.


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