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Alex's DBZ RPG 5 // Yaidrat

Planet Description

Population: 2 billion+ Yaidratians
Moon: No
Special Features: None
Rulers: Yaidratian Elders
Military Strength: 50,000+
Average PL: Military 500, Civilian 55

Yaidrat is an arid desert world with a lot of volcanic activity. The southern hemisphere of the planets has nothing more than billowing sand dunes with the occasional jagged rock formation peeking up. Life that exists on the surface is nothing more than sparse shrubbery. In the northern hemisphere it is very mountainous and spotted with volcanoes. Where there are not mountains or volcanoes the ground is an ashen wasteland. The native Yaidratians have built their civilization underground in hollowed out and dead volcanoes. Underground, in the network of caves carved out from flowing lava, life flourishes. There are assortments of fungal and algae based life forms that line the cave walls. Some chambers deep underground have boggy forests in them. Yaidrat orbits a red-yellow star called Izzo'lon which translates to the Fire of Life.


Yaidratians stand nine feet tall on average and are very skinny. They have bring pink flesh with blue spots all over them. Their heads are bulbous, they have little mouths and their ears are pointy. Many outsiders see them as a curious race. They often time act very hyper and have random outbursts of emotion. Yaidratians live thousands of years and revere their elders. They are the protectors of a secret technique called the Instant Transmission, which allows a user to teleport anywhere they want as long as they can find a ki signature. They only teach instant transmission to outsiders whom have proven their loyalty.

Politics and Government

To an outsider, the Yaidratians would seem to live in almost total anarchy. They have no true government system as they are a peaceful race whom work in cooperative unison. Their Elders are revered and respected, their word becomes law to those who hear it. Yaidratians have a military, but only for defensive purposes. They have tried to emulate the warrior ways of outside races, but have fallen short. Their military discipline is weak and most soldiers show little interest in fighting. Yaidratians are expert businessmen though; they trade exotic goods and rare technologies all across the known galaxy. Their business relationships have earned them powerful allies, who have shielded them from threats and annihilation many times in the past.


In the annals of Yaidrat, it is told the inhabitants of Yaidrat did not originally come from the planet. Thousands of years ago, it is said they shared a lush green jungle planet with a race of brutal giants. The giants were a warrior race that enslaved the Yaidratians and forced them to teach them their secret techniques. A group of Yaidratians rebelled and managed to escape and eventually settled on Yaidrat to rebuild their civilization.

Key Locations

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