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Alex's DBZ RPG 5 // Ruins of Passing

Ruins of Passing

Yaidratians are a highly advanced, and mostly peaceful race. They were not always this way, however. Several major cities on their planet were once reduced to ruin by global wars many millennia ago. The Yaidratians have allowed these ruins to remain standing over the centuries as a reminder of their past mistakes.

When an Elder is ready to ascend to the next level of knowledge, he will visit each of these ancient ruins, called the Ruins of Passing, to progress his training by manipulating time and space in order to "re-live" the history of his people.

If you are of "Good" alignment of +5 or higher (no need for Lawful tag), they will allow you to train at these ruins as well. You may train at the Ruin of Passing only one time, to "re-live" all of the experiences you had questing throughout the RPG up to that point. Training at the Ruins takes two weeks and you must know Telepathy to train here. Once the training is completed, you will gain +75 all stats per quest you have completed (capped at +50,000 pl) and be able to choose from either Time Mastery or Space Mastery, instantly learning all of the techniques associated with whichever you choose (listed below).

Note: You may also embark on the Wisdom of the Three Eyed Raven quest while training here, but it is not required.

Time Mastery
Ki Cost
Vital Reversal
The user bends the hands of fate, altering determined destiny. Using this tech allows the user to either reroll a failed critical that missed on their part or reroll a successful critical that worked in their opponent's favor. Can only be used once per choice.
Flow Interruption
The user can only use this after a successful block or dodge from their opponent. Rewinds time by three seconds, negating the dodge or block. Can only be used against a physical attack combo, fundamentals, or uncharged advanced attacks. Target has another chance to dodge, though it will be more difficult and any previously used dodging techs (e.g. Zanzoken) still count as used. Can be used twice in battle.

Space Mastery
Ki Cost
Cosmic Alleviation
The user opens a portal behind a target that was just healed since the user's last post (or in the previous post if this is their first post). The portal absorbs the healing energy, robbing it from the target, and giving it to the user instead. Takes into account any bonuses to healing from equipment, etc. Can be used twice per battle.
Dimensional Strike
The user strikes out at their opponent before immediately opening a portal to get to another opponent and attack him in the same action. Uses two physical attack combos. If both combos are used on the same opponent, the second is undodgeable and unblockable. Can be used twice per battle.

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