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Alex's DBZ RPG 5 // Planet Vegeta

Planet Description
Population: 100 million saiyans, 4 billion aliens
Moon: No
Special Features: x2 gravity, 1 master
Ruler: King Vegeta
Military Strength: 20 Million+
Average PL: Military 2,000, Civilian 500

The planet Vegeta is a massive arid red planet. It surface is covered in craggy deserts and sparse shrubbery. There is little surface water on Vegeta and the weather doesn't really have any extremes. There are two poles that, like Earth, are frozen ice which often melt of providing the water for life through gentle rains. All across the planet are scattered remnants of the Tuffle civilization—the burnt out remains of their cities and temples. There is only one main city, since the planet’s population is so small (the Saiyans have moved outward to other planets as well) and a dozen small cities. Vegeta orbits a red star called the Bloody Eye by the Saiyans.


The Saiyans are the main race on the planet. But they also have various humanoid aliens, slaves of the saiyans, who do most of their grunt work. The Saiyans are a warrior race who enjoy the thrill of battle more than anything. They are prideful and are confident to the point of arrogance. From a young age they are taught how to fight and those who can't are seen as second class citizens. Once they hit age 8 they are brought into the military.

Politics and Government

The Saiyans have one ruler, the King who oversees the decisions of the civilization as a whole. The aristocracy (First Class Saiyans) are considered ruler over large clans and settlements of Saiyans. They traditionally are given command military positions, but their birthplace doesn’t dictate their military rank. The lower class saiyans are nothing more than grunts in the fact that they own very little and are looked down upon by those higher. The alien slaves the Saiyans keep are treated with little regard, as if they were pets or play things. It is possible to rise in the ranks (as it were) but it is hard and trying. There are a few outstanding examples who not only enhanced their class but also their rank in the army to the point that they could not get promoted any higher without battling the Super Elite preventing them from going any higher. The Saiyans weren’t always united and there is still a bit of a clan mentality fostered during military training. The King employs advisers but he is the absolute power on Vegeta.


The Saiyans did not always live on the Planet Vegeta (formerly known as Planet Plant). Instead they flew to the planet some time after they evolved thanks to a disaster on their home planet. But they lost their technology and went back to their primitive ways, scattering into clans. They lived in the deserts until one day the first King Vegeta banded them all together to take the planet from the Tuffles. They took up the technology that the Tuffles had had which allowed them to fly throughout the stars and gather other planets for resource and slave purposes.

Eventually the Saiyans became a force to be reckoned with and were viewed as mercenaries you could hire when you absolutely positively had to have someone or some group of people wiped out. They gathered up a few planets to trade with other groups of people for things they needed. Saiyans need a lot to sustain their population. The first planet they took over was Valhalla for the purposes of extra training and a different climate for the military. It is also their main ship building planet. Though they also build ships on the home world.

Key Locations

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