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Alex's DBZ RPG 5 // Namek

Planet Description

Population: 50,000+ Namekians
Moons: No
Special Features: 1 Master, Dragonballs
Ruler: Elder Guru; Senator Lute on the Protectorate Senate.
Military Strength: 1,500+
Average PL: Military 1,000, Civilian 100

Namek is planet speckled with blue islands of various sizes across its vast green seas. Trees are sparse but life flourishes beneath its oceans. Mountains and rock formations compose many of the island and most have caves in them. There is no nighttime on Namek. The planet revolves around one sun, but there are two others nearby providing light, though as they are far out, they don’t provide much heat. The suns are named Biruga, Midena, and Samaga, meaning big, medium and small respectively. Samaga is the trailing sun and therefore is considered the closing of the day.


Namekians are green skinned people with pointed ears, antennae and patches of rough pink skin on their arms legs and torsos. They are asexual, reproducing by spitting out an egg. Most Namekians can hatch two or three children, but some, like Guru have produced many more. They vary in height and weight and age slowly compared to other sapient species. Many farm for a living, but they actually eat little, only needing water to survive. They often sell their bountiful crops to spacers. Namek has a sparse population and a few can wield ki.

Politics and Government

Namek is run by the Elder Guru, the oldest known Namekian in existence. He is guarded by a small group Namekian elite who have dedicated their life to protecting him at any cost. The Elder Guard is led by Kizu, the most powerful active warrior on Namek. The Namekians also have a select few that are considered Guru's voice off planet. They have Senator Lute, who primarily resides on Avalon. Chancellor Xyl is the secondary and travels around where ever Guru's voice is needed, but his primary place is on Avalon as an adviser to Lute.


Namek wasn’t always peaceful. Before the massive storm that caused their extinction, Namekians were ruthless. They cared only about strength, sought to prove themselves in combat much like the Saiyans. Namekians were a blood thirsty lot during that dark era. Guru was one of the select few that sought peace with his power and pleaded to his brothers to stop the bloodshed. Legend has it that the darkness in the hearts of the Namekians threw the planet out of alignment, causing a massive apocalyptic storm. Many of the evil Namekians fled the planet, except for Guru. Guru rode out the storm until it finally subsided years later. With no way off the planet, Guru decided to rebuild the Namekian race, but raise them to be peaceful. Some centuries later, the Namekians were discovered by Avalanian explorers who sought council with Guru. Guru agreed to join their Protectorate and since has been one of Avalon's strongest allies.

Key Locations

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