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Alex's DBZ RPG 5 // Elder's House


The father of all Namekians, Elder Guru, has lived in the same house for centuries. He is kept under guard by a powerful and loyal Namekian named Kizu to ensure that no evil-doers enter the dwelling. If you are allowed in, you may train with Guru to learn techniques and gain master training stats. There is also a special benefit for prolonged training with him. If you train with Master Guru for four consecutive weeks and are of lawful good alignment, you will have gained his trust and he will unlock your hidden potential. This can only be done once to a character and it will increase all stats by +1,000 as well as improve intelligence by +25.

If you are Namekian, unlock potential will increase all stats by +2,000 and +50 intelligence instead. Also increases your training gains by +10 all stats per week permanently.

After four more consecutive weeks, Guru will also offer Namekians one drink of Mak-Tar which will give an additional +250 all stats, +50 intelligence, increase your maximum number of power up technique slots by 1, and increase your maximum passive slots by 1.

Guru's Student Uniform
Equipped on the body. Obtained after training with Guru for 15 consecutive weeks. Upgrades your Karate Gui. In addition to normal Gui gains, increases all stats by +10 and vitality and toughness by +20 per week when training with a master. Increases the damage rating of all "Namekians Only" attacks by +1 and reduces their ki cost by 1%. Limit to own one Martial Arts Uniform.



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