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Alex's DBZ RPG 5 // Planet Maverick

Planet Description

Population: 20 million Kekkos, 15 million aliens
Moon: Yes
Special Features: None
Ruler: Maverick
Military Strength: 50
Average PL: Military 20,000, Civilian 100

Maverick is a planet named after a galaxy famous Kekko warrior whose power, deeds, and collection of rare items are well known. The planet itself is a very lush and beautiful planet. It is well known for its thick jungles on land and massive coral reefs at sea. The Kekko people have sculpted the planet themselves, making giant natural looking cities out of the jungles and structures beyond imagination. They have a penchant for statues of great heroes or gods, but these statues are sometimes as large as mountains and are at times cities themselves.


The Kekko are curious people. They are known for their striking silver hair and shimmering green eyes. They are very much in love with things of beauty and majesty. Most Kekko spend their entire lives devoted to perfecting something or searching for a single item of great value. Many Kekko leave the great Maverick in search of galactic treasures. Other races might find Kekkos' intrusive, as they will stop at nothing to get what they want. But mostly they are not involved or caring about the galaxies wars and problems. And if they do ever get involved, there usually is a prize awaiting them at the end.

Politics and Government

The renowned treasure hunter Maverick is the ruler of the planet. He is a charismatic leader and is well-respected among all Kekkos for his unmatched treasure hunting abilities. Although he ultimately has the final say in just about everything of importance, Maverick also has a cabinet of twelve advisors to help him. These twelve men, colloquially known as the Inner Circle, are elected by the people and serve one year terms (with no limit on number of times elected).

Politics and Government

Planet Maverick was not always called by that name. For many generations it was called Evlicta. It was renamed to Maverick just ten years ago when Maverick the man became famous throughout all of the galaxy for finding a very rare book that held previously unknown details about the mysterious race known as The Lost. Maverick, who was serving as Evlicta's Emperorer at the time, displayed the book in his gallery and its discovery is widely considered to be one of the Kekko's greatest achievements. This discovery put Evlicta on the map and people came from far and wide to see it. The people hailed Maverick as the greatest leader they had ever had and voted to appoint him as their ruler for life. The name of the planet was then changed to attract more tourists to Maverick's gallery of rare and unique items.

Key Locations

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