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Alex's DBZ RPG 5 // Maverick's Gallery


Maverick, an infamous treasure hunter, has set up a collection of some of his favorite finds. They are all one of the kind and are not for sale. But maybe there's a way to earn them? If you are carrying one of these items, you are subject to Sneak Attacks.

Marvick's Gallery Feature
You may add to Maverick's collection by giving him your item (Maverick Items only). (This reopens the quest for anyone to take and allows you to take a new one.)
Equipped as an accessory. This is a massive katana said to of once been wielded by a man who almost became a god. It's a Level 4 blade. It adds +2,500 +10% strength in battle and attacks with this weapon deal +10% damage. Increases training by +5 all stats while equipped. Can be dual wielded with another weapon.
Tough Ring
Equipped as an accessory. A ring worn by a man that once almost became a god. +4,000 or +6% strength, toughness, vitality, and stamina in battle. Also amplifies training by +10 to each of those stats per week.
Gravity Belt
Equipped as an accessory. This belt generates a field of x30 gravity around the user slowing them down and hindering their movements. Enhances all training. Does not work with a Gravitron.
Wind Scarf
Equipped on the head. Gives +10,000 speed in battle and allows user to speed teleport 1 extra time.
Assassin's Edge
Equipped as an accessory. This dark blade is surrounded with a bloody history. You must be evil to use it. It's a level 4 blade that adds +500 strength in battle. Each hit you land on your opponent will lower all their stats by -0.5% for the rest of the battle. Attacks with this weapon deal +5% damage. Decreases opponent's stats by 0.75% per hit instead if equipped with Assassin's Shoes. Can be dual wielded with another weapon.
Eye of the Titan
Equipped on head. The eye of the dark titan attaches itself to the face of the user. Once on it gives them the abilities Sense, Telepathy, Telekinesis and Telepathic Link. It increases all traits by +200. Once per battle the user may activate the eye to absorb 1 fundamental ki attack and 1 uncharged advanced ki attack and replenish their own ki.
Super Saiyan Armor
Legendary golden armor said to be worn by a super saiyan. Equipped on the body. Must be worn by a Super Saiyan. +2,000 + 25% toughness in battle. Does not increase PL or Ki. Decreases damage dealt to you by 15% in combat.
Rogue Dragonball
This dragonball is from a planet that was destroyed long ago. Its powers are cut off from the other 6. The ley energies inside are open to draw from. Adds +250 all stats while in your inventory and once per battle you can draw power from it to recover ki by 20% and heal wounds by 20%.
Skeleton Crown
Equipped on head. Must be chaotic evil to use it. It gives the user +2,000 stamina in battle. If a player is killed wearing the Skeleton helmet they do not die. They are instead revived (at half power) as undead. As undead they are immune to stamina-based fatigue. If their body is completely destroyed in combat, then they must remain in hell 4 extra weeks.
Archon Amulet
Equipped as an accessory. Wearing this amulet allows the user to achieve the legendary Archon state. Must be lawful good. Their body becomes enveloped by a veil of blue energy. Decreases the ki cost of all good-only techs by 1% (does not exceed cap). Increases two separate stats by 10% in battle. Can be worn with another accessory in same slot.
Flux Capacitor
A rare relic from another time and place. May be installed into a Gravitron to increase its maximum power by 10x gravity.
Paopu Fruit
Usable item. A star-shaped fruit from a faraway island. If two people share their fruit, their destinies will become intertwined forever. Limit to 1 in RPG.
The Colt
A revolver which, according to legend, can kill anything shot with one of its original thirteen bullets.
The First Blade
Said to be the blade with which Cain slew Abel. Equipped as an accessory. Level 4 blade. Adds +2,000 strength in battle and attacks with this weapon deal +25% damage. Can also be inscribed with two level 3 runes or doubles the potency of having one level 3 rune instead. Can be dual wielded with another weapon.
Book of the Damned
An ancient book of powerful dark magic that originated in the depths of Hell itself. Said to have been written by a dying Lich King and instilled with his very essence. Once read, and while the book remains in the reader's inventory, decreases the ki cost of all evil-only techs by 1% (does not exceed cap). Also increases their DR by +1. Takes 2 weeks to read instead of 1. Limit to read once.


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