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Alex's DBZ RPG 5 // Planet Damaskia

Planet Description
Population: 3 billion+ Damaskians
Moon: Yes
Special Features: x5 earth gravity
Ruler: Emperor Clark Pendragon
Military Strength: 50 million
Average PL: Military 1,000, 50 civilian

Damaskia was once a rocky and ice covered world with a thin atmosphere and temperatures too cold for sapient life. Its crust contains vast troves of valuables minerals. Spacefarers terraformed the planet, building a thick life friendly atmosphere. The planet has two main continents, the Upper Continent and Lower Continent which are connected by a small strip of land near its equator. Since the terraforming, Damaskia's temperatures have been rising, melting her massive polar ice caps. The continents are separated by an ocean, that over the past two hundred years has expanding due to the thaw. Central City, a mega-city in the heart of the Upper Continent, is thousands of miles in diameter. It has skyscrapers that reach into the clouds, massive domed buildings that house millions of people and elaborate gardens where flora sampled from around the galaxy grows. Damaskia has a single moon called Demador that also has a breathable atmosphere. The moon has a small population and serves as the headquarters for the Damaskian Navy. The planet and her moon orbit a blue-white star named Auris.


The Damaskians are a sapient people whose ancestors once lived on Avalon two hundred years ago. While most Avalanians have white hair and yellow eyes, Damaskians have bred those genes out of themselves to further separate the two peoples. Most have dark brown or black hair with silver and gray eyes. Your average Damaskian is seen as both dedicated and humble. They work hard for the greater good and believe in strong leaders, which gives them a powerful sense nationalism. Also, most commoners are very xenophobic, rarely trusting outsiders and aliens.

Politics and Government

Damaskians were political exiles, banished from Avalon for their imperialistic beliefs. They are ruled by a military state with an Emperor at its head. The Emperor of Damaskia is supported by a cabinet of military and civilian advisers who delegate commands to various departments. The Emperor appoints magistrates to rule all of Damaskia's colonies and outposts. The government allows for free trade, although outsiders may see their strict rules and confines as not free. The Damaskian state provides a lot for its people. It is said to be the safest planet in the known galaxy, as its police force is highly effective at routing crime.


The ancestors of modern Damaskians once called Avalon home. They believed in a strong government and a manifest destiny to rule the known galaxy. They were seen as tyrants and warmongers by the people. The Paladins ordered them out with threat of force during the building of the Protectorate. With a small military and a handful of supporters they feared a civil war against the Paladins. So they fled Avalon for the stars. The exiles wandered galaxy, setting up small outposts and colonies across hundreds of worlds, but never finding a suitable home. Until they hit the jackpot. Damaskia wasn't the prettiest world, but it had the biggest cache of minerals to help build the powerful civilization they dreamed of. It took two centuries for Damaskia to rise to prominence, but it now is one of the most powerful factions in the galaxy. Its military rivals that of the Kelioux Empire and the Planetary Trade Organization. The Damaskians are ready to ignite a war to unite the galaxy under their banner.

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