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Alex's DBZ RPG 5 // Planet Valhalla

Planet Description
Population: 100,000 Saiyans, 2 million aliens
Moon: Yes
Special Features: 1 Master. Anyone training on Valhalla gets a bonus of +5 all stats and +1 determination per week.
Ruler: Overlord Luther and King Vegeta
Military Strength: 75,000+
Average PL: Military 1,800, Civilian 250

Valhalla is a warm and temperate planet with rolling hills, tall mountains, and thick forests. Valhalla has large oceans to is north and south, much of the land mass being near the equator. The mega-continent suffers from long dry seasons that kill off most of the small plant life, only to have it be reborn when the giant monsoons and hurricanes come at the start of the wet season. Valhalla's moon is enormous, often taking up a quarter or more of the sky at night. The Saiyans call it the Great Oozaru and say it gives warriors who train on Valhalla great power. Valhalla orbits a yellow star named Praxon.


There are no natural sentient species of Valhalla. But the planet is covered with ruins of a long forgotten civilization. These monoliths cover the planet, most of them being overgrown and in desolate locations. It is thought that The Lost once built these structures. The Saiyans have taken a liking to these ruins and Valhalla has become a proving ground for young warriors. Since it is a prime colony world, Valhalla has many Saiyans and their slaves occupying it. Most of the Saiyans who have come to Valhalla are part of the military or are recruits in training. There are schools and training centers all across Valhalla and a large garrison.

Politics and Government

Being a part of the Saiyan Empire, Valhalla is ruled by King Vegeta. King Vegeta has put Overlord Luther, a old time Saiyan veteran, in command of the world. He also commands over the saiyan garrison and oversees the training of all new recruits. Luther is known for his military genius, but has a very brutal side that has made him feared.


Little is known about Valhalla's history before the Saiyans arrived. The ruins that dot the world have not been studied, but many scholars believe the Lost may have had a colony on Valhalla. The Saiyans arrived in some numbers after displacing the Tuffles from Planet Vegeta and set up shop. Within a fifty year span they had created several cities and important training centers.

Luther's Martial Arts Uniform
Equipped on the body. Obtained after training with Luther for 15 weeks. Upgrades your Karate Gui. In addition to normal Gui gains, increases all training by +20 Strength and +20 Stamina per week when training with a master. Increases the DR of the move Static Flicker by 1.

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