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Alex's DBZ RPG 5 // Advanced Techniques

Please note that if a move is in yellow text, it means you must learn it from a specific master. Light green moves may be learned from any master.


Move Damage Ki Cost Actions Description
Atomic Blast 4 7% 1 - 2 By raising two fingers, the user of this attack can shoot a beam that is like a bullet and can go through their opponent's body. Once you know Atomic Blast, One Finger Blast will no longer take up a technique slot. Critical Effect: Pierce
Big Tree Cannon 6 15% 1 - 2 A weaker version of the Final Flash, the user extends arms out to the side and yellow orbs of energy begin to build. The user then brings his arms together and fires off a yellow beam.
Bionic Punisher 3 2% 1 (Androids Only) A more powerful version of Eye Beam which requires the same amount of energy. Must know Eye Beam to use. This does not take up an advanced slot. If used by Android 19 or 20 deals DR3.5 instead.
Blue Plasma Special 5 12% 2 - 4 A weaker version of the Rainbow Plasma. A blueish teal blast that is fired from cupped hands like a Kamehameha.
Dark Kamehameha 6 10% 1 - 3 Evil Only: A slightly stronger version of the Kamehameha wave. The beam consists of black energy.
Double Tsuihidan 4.5 14% 1 - 3 Two Tsuihidans fired in rapid succession (each DR 4.5). It can be guided towards the enemy. Must know Tsuihidan to learn this. Once this is learned, Tsuihidan will no longer take up a technique slot. Can be used against multiple opponents. Very hard to dodge.
Essence Wave 7 16% 1 - 2 (Good Only) Absorbing light energy from all that is created in the universe, a calming, teal energy coats the user's hand before bursting out in the form of a gentle beam. Critical Effect: Immobilize. If used by Whis, becomes DR 7.5.
Explosive Demon Wave 5 10% 1 - 2 Evil Only: The user points their palm at their target and braces their arm with their other hand. A blast of energy is unleashed at the opponent.
Freezer Beam 0.5 6% 1 A beam powered up over the head then fired. It stuns your opponent for 3 actions. May be used twice per battle.
Fusion Beam 5 11% 1 - 2 Just like Fusion Ball except you fire it as a beam. If you know Fusion Ball, learning this will not take up a technique slot.
Heat Dome 5 11% 1 - 3 The user places both hands forward and a massive dome of yellow ki surrounds them as they charge up. When finished they unleash a massive yellow beam from the dome that engulfs an opponent whole.
Iaigiri 10 10% (Each) 1 Two people must know this move. They each make a spherical ball of ki in their hands then push them together and shoot it as one blast. Since two people fire and create this, it is extremely powerful.
Kamehameha (beam) 5 12% 1 - 3 Good Only: A Ki Beam, which to start is charged up in cupped hands, then brought forward to release a large beam of energy. If used by Goku has DR5.5 instead.
Kamehameha (blast) 5 10% 1 - 3 Good Only: Exactly like the original, but Master Roshi finally figured out how to compress it into a blast. Requires a transformed state to use. If you know the Kamehameha it doesn't require a slot to learn.
Kamehameha Energy Dan 6 17% 2 - 3 Good Only: Must know Kamehameha and Energy Dan to learn. Fire three Kamehamehas in rapid succession (each DR6). Although each beam carries a DR of 6, hitting multiple times does not increase Damage Rating. The benefit is that it makes it harder to dodge and can be used against multiple opponents. If used by Goku has DR6.5 instead.
Ki No Tsurugi 3.5 5% 1 A Ki beam that shoots out somewhat as an extension of the hand and can be swung and stabbed to cut or pierce enemies. Critical Effect: Pierce. Has double normal critical hit chance. If used by Buu, deals DR4 instead.
Masenko 7 14% 1 - 2 The user powers up a blast over your head with both of your hands - one palm behind the other. You then bring your hands down in front of you and fire a beam of energy. Can be used by Gohan for 11% ki.
Photon Flash 6 12% 1 The user simply lifts their hand and a massive beam of energy is unleashed at its target at high velocity.
Power Blitz 7 2% 1 (Androids Only) A more powerful version of Photon Flash learned when Androids achieve Super Perfect Form. May be used once per battle. Will not take up a slot.
Super Kamehameha 6 15% 1 - 3 Good Only: An even more powerful form of the Kamehameha. So much ki is used that energy beams emit from between the fingers as it is charged. Must know Kamehameha to learn. Once you learn Super Kamehameha, regular Kamehameha will no longer take up a technique slot. If used by Goku has DR6.5 instead.
Tsuihidan 4 7% 1 - 2 A Ki Beam that can be directed to track an enemy. Very hard to dodge.
Planet Geyser 4.5 9% 1 - 2 Evil Only: Must know Tsuihidan to use this technique. You fire an energy beam down into the ground then direct it until it is underneath your opponent and make it show upward from below him.
Tri-Beam 8 10% ki, 10% life 2 - 3 You form both of your hands in a triangle touching all fingers. A very powerful blast will be shot from the middle of the triangle. This move is so strong that it drains the user's life force. Critical Effect: Crush. If used by Tien, has DR8.5 instead.

Move Damage Ki Cost Actions Description
Bakurikimaha 6 14% 2 - 3 An ultimate ki attack, this is an extremely powerful ki blast shot from one hand, the other gripping the shooting hand's wrist for support.
Banshee Blast 4.5 9% 1 - 2 The user reaches out with his right hand, body slightly hunched over, with all five fingers pointed at his opponent. Five small yellow orbs of ki begin to charge on the tips of each finger and then he fires them at his opponent. Critical Effect: Confusion
Big Bang Attack 5.5 10% 1 - 2 A huge ki bolt of incredible destructive power. The person holds one flat palm forward towards his enemy and launches the blast. If used by Vegeta has DR6 instead.
Burning Attack 4.5 7% 1 - 2 After performing several arm movements the user extends his arms in front of himself with palms out and fingers pointed up, index and thumbs touching, then releases a powerful gold blast. If used by Future Trunks, has DR5 instead.
Crusher Ball 4 8% 1 - 3 A ki-ball that is produced from the palm of the hand after several seconds of charging. Critical Effect: Crush If used by Jeice, has DR4.5 instead.
Deso-Dragon Blast 4.5 7% 1 - 2 (Namekians Only) A greenish blast shot from the palm that wraps around your enemy like a rope, then explodes. This move is unblockable.
Dirty Fireworks 5 9% 1 - 2 The user aims two fingers at an opponent and creates a huge explosion directly on their body. Must know Atomic Blast to learn. Once learned, Atomic Blast no longer takes up a slot.
Double Big Bang 6.5 20% 1 - 2 You hold out both hands instead of one and fire two Big Bangs (each DR 6.5). Must know Big Bang Attack to learn this. Can be used against multiple opponents. Once you know Double Big Bang, regular Big Bang no longer takes up a technique slot. Vegeta can use this technique for 15% ki.
Essence Shot 7 16% 1 - 2 (Evil Only) Harnessing the destructive energies in the universe, the user creates an orb of pure, orange energy within their palms before pushing it out at the enemy. Critical Effect: Crush. If used by Beerus, becomes DR 7.5.
Finish Buster 5 10% 1 - 2 The user raises both hands over their head and creates a basketball sized orb of ki that they hurl it at their opponent.
Flash Bomb 7 15% 1 The user places both hands forward with his fingers stretching out, concentrating energy into his fingertips. He then fires several hundred small yellow shots of energy that act as a shotgun blast, making it very hard to dodge at point blank range.
Flash Revolver 4 7% 1 - 3 Much like the one fingered blast, the user makes a "gun" with his thumb and index finger. The tip charges with energy becoming much more powerful and then a blast is fired.
Fusion Ball 5 10% 1 - 2 The user powers up two orbs of ki. One blue, one green. He then combines them to make a giant red ball then he hurls it at his opponent.
Galactic Blow 4 8% 1 - 2 A variation of the Grand Smasher. Instead of firing it at your opponent from long range, you fly up to them and place your palm directly on their body causing it to explode immediately. This attack cannot be blocked. Must know Grand Smasher and Bukujutsu to learn and use. Once learned, Grand Smasher no longer takes up a technique slot. If used by Bojack, has DR4.5 instead.
Grand Smasher 4 8% 1 - 2 A large orb of green ki charged in the palm. The user pulls his arm back then shoves it forward when firing the orb to increase it's speed. The orb moves so quickly that it leaves a tail of ki as it travels. Speed is increased 50% when performing this attack. If used by Bojack, has DR4.5 instead.
Ice Blast - 5% 1 A blast shot from one hand which encases your opponent in an icecube. This attack can be used defensively to stop a physical attack combo and will subtract 1 action from your opponents next post as they must break out. May be used twice per battle. Critical Effect: Immobilize.
Infinity Bullet 7 21% 1 - 2 AoE attack. A variation of Renzouku Energy Dan where the user bombards the area with five massive energy blasts (each DR7). Must know Renzouku Energy Dan to use. Although each blast carries a DR of 7, hitting multiple times does not increase Damage Rating. The benefit is that it makes it harder to dodge and can be used against multiple opponents.
Ion Blast 7 17% 1 - 2 AoE attack. This is a very powerful beam of ki shot from 1 or 2 hands that will explode almost the whole battle field hurting friend and foe alike and making it very hard to dodge.
Kakusandan 6 10% 1 - 3 AoE attack. You shoot a slow-moving blast from each hand and then control the blasts so that they merge and then direct it above the heads of your enemies. Thereupon split the blast again into many smaller Ki balls which rain down upon the enemies. Speed is -10% while performing this technique. If used by Krillin, speed is not reduced.
Ki Shockwave 5 8% 1 - 2 Electrical bolts flow around your body and you charge it for a few seconds then wave your arm to unleash a powerful ki blast. Critical Effect: Crush
Purple Spiral Flash Attack 10 12% (Each) 1 - 2 Two people must know this attack. Both people power up then move close together making their energies become one massive ball of ki then, both players must fire it at the same time. If used by Jeice and Burter has a DR11 instead.
Rapid Ion Blast 8 21% 2 AoE attack. Same as Ion Blast but three (each DR8) smaller beams are shot rapidly while running around. Must know Ion Blast to learn. Once you know this attack, Ion Blast will no longer take up a technique slot. Although each beam carries a DR of 8, hitting multiple times does not increase Damage Rating. The benefit is that it makes it harder to dodge and can be used against multiple opponents.
Renzoku Energy Dan 6 18% 1 - 2 AoE attack. Must know Energy Dan to learn. The user of this technique shoots a dozen ki blasts (each DR6) from their hands, resulting in somewhat of a "machine-gun ki blast" effect. Although each blast carries a DR of 6, hitting multiple times does not increase Damage Rating. The benefit is that it makes it harder to dodge and can be used against multiple opponents.
Scatter Shot 7 18% 1 The user rapidly fires multiple blasts making them easily dodgable on purpose. As the opponent unsuspectingly dodges each attack they gather around him in the air. Finally, while guiding them with your hands, you draw them all into him and explode on him at the same time. Due to its tricky nature, this move cannot be dodged. Piccolo can use this technique for 13% ki.
Spirit Ball 5 10% 1 Resembles a spirit bomb but is gathered using your own ki. The user gathers the energy for the attack in a ball, in one hand, and grips his wrist with the other. The attack is then hurled like a ball at the opponent, and can be made to home in on the opponent using the direction of two fingers. Very hard to dodge. If the user's speed is higher than the target's, it can't be dodged at all. If used by Yamcha has a DR5.5 instead.
Trap Shooter 4 8% 1 - 3 A one-handed Energy Sphere Barrage where the user charges a sphere of energy in one hand, then when he pushes his hand forward, several balls of energy fire out from the one sphere that track the opponent. Very hard to dodge. Must know beam ball to learn. Once learned, beam ball won't take up a slot.
Power Impact 6 16% 1 - 2 [Neutral Only] - Sometimes the most simple techniques are the most dangerous. You form an orange orb of energy and release it at your opponent at close range. Once your release the blast against your opponent at your will it takes off sending your target for a ride on the energy erupting on your command. The technique also provides a 1 action stun.

Move Damage Ki Cost Actions Description
Bakuhatsuha 7 11% 2 AoE attack. By raising two fingers, the user of this attack can create a large explosion that will totally decimate the surrounding area or the ground. If used by Nappa, also added a critical effect: Crush (regular roll chance).
Bankoku Bitsu Kuri Shiyou 0.5 9% 1 An attack that uses an electric energy net to trap the enemy and stun them for 3 actions. Can be used twice per battle. Critical Effect: Immobilize.
Chou No Ryoku - 7% 1 A thin string of energy that is wrapped around your opponent to stun them for 2 actions. Because the string is so thin, it is difficult to evade, thus your speed is doubled when using this attack.
Daichiretsuzan 5.5 5% 1 Evil Only: With a swipe of the hand with two fingers extended, it creates an invisible cutting beam that goes a long way. Critical Effect: Slice. If used by Frieza has a DR6 instead.
Deca Form - 7% 1 You split into another of yourself. Each form has 1/2 of your stats. This move can be used to do partner training with yourself. Each form receives 3 actions (max of 3 as well). Lasts for 3 posts but can be recalled anytime.
Demiton Bomb 6 12% 1 Using his ki to manipulate the gravity around his opponent, the user can crush them. Critical Effect: Crush.
Dragon Dive 6 6% 1 Must know power fly to perform. You fly into the air and down so fast you are just a blur. If you are strong enough you will go through your opponent. If you aren't it does massive damage. Critical Effect: Death (if twice as strong). Considered a hybrid ki attack (damage can be reduced by things that work with physical or ki attacks).
Flame Shield 2 2% ki 1 Must know fire breath. An aura of flame surrounds your body. Each time you come in contact with another player they take damage from the flame. The shield lasts for 5 attacks against you but can be recalled anytime. Critical Effect: Burn.
Heat Phalanx 4 6% 1-2 Your fists become completely engulfed in fiery ki. A stronger version of Serafin Punch. Must know Serafin Punch to use. Once Heat Phalanx is learned, Serafin Punch will no longer take up a slot. This move can be used in grapples. Considered a hybrid ki attack (damage can be reduced by things that work with physical or ki attacks).
Good Only: Ability to heal someone else with ki. Heals 15% damage and 5% battle fatigue. Limit to 1 heal per post per character (can be used unlimited times in battle). Will not work on androids other than Cell & Cell Jr. Halved ki cost if used by Namekians. If used by Dende, heals 20% damage instead.
Hokaku Kon Dan 5 9% 1 Evil Only: Also known as the Imprisonment Ball, the user captures his opponent in a ball of energy they can't break out of. The user then slams the ball into the ground. As soon as the ball hits the ground, it explodes dealing DR5 damage. Reduces your opponent's actions by 1 during their next post.
Hyper Tornado Attack 3 8% 2 You spin around quickly that creates a tornado. The tornado seeks out your opponent then traps him for 3 actions while dealing stacking DR3 damage per action to him as well. If used by Pikkon has DR3.5 instead.
Galatica Donut - 7% 1 A ring of ki energy that can be used to surround the enemy and trap him by holding his limbs with the donuts. Traps opponent for 3 actions or if broken. If the target's strength exceeds users by at least 50%, it will only trap them for 1 action. Can be used once per enemy. Critical Effect: Immobilize.
Hypnosis - - 1 Must know telepathy to use this move. This technique will put their opponent to sleep. Adds +2 damage rating of your next attack. If the user's determination is higher than the victim's by at least 25%, it adds +4 Damage Rating instead. If the victim's determination is double that of the user's, he cannot be hypnotized. Note: this does not make your attacks unblockable or undodgable, it only increases the damage.
Kiaiho 3.5 3% 1 An invisible force attack that knocks one's opponent back. It can be shot either from an open palm or from the eyes. Speed is doubled during this attack.
Kienzan 5 8% 1 This attack is like the destructo disk but with slower speed and can track its foe thus making it very hard to dodge. It lacks the power to cut off any limb. Critical Effect: Slice.
Ki Sword 4 7% 1 A sword made from your ki forms extending from the back of your hand out. Its power depends on your ki rating. May be used in physical attack combos like a normal sword. Lasts for 6 actions (from time of casting). Critical Effect: Slice. Considered a hybrid ki attack (damage can be reduced by things that work with physical or ki attacks). If used by Sauzaa, deals DR4.5 instead.
Murder Ball 4 6% 1 - 2 A medium-sized ball of ki that is a much more powerful version of Sokidan. Must know Sokidan to use. Once learned, Sokidan will not take up a slot.
Namekian Nova 6 10% 1 (Namekians Only) You charge up your body so bolts of electricity spark on it. Then you let it loose and the bolts go from your body to a 100 foot radius circling you hitting your opponents. Stuns them for 1 action.
Negative Arrows 5 10% 1 - 2 You fire multiple energy arrows at your opponent, as they hit, they all get stuck in your opponent's body. They will then explode while stuck in your opponent (think Needler from Halo).
Nova Chariot 6 11% 1 (Changelings Only) Very similar to Dragon Dive. You surround yourself in a barrier and fly at your opponent, ramming him. The aura allows you to travel completely unfazed through any fundamental or advanced beam. Must know Barrier and Dragon Dive to use. Once learned, Dragon Dive will not take up a slot. Considered a hybrid attack. May be used once per battle.
Nuclear Shockwave 6 16% 1 - 2 AoE attack. The user bends his knees as he puts both hands out and a circular shockwave then goes from his body out having the circle getting bigger the way out and it knocks everyone away when they are hit. Critical Effect: Crush
Planet Cracker 6 8% 1 Evil Only: You fire a ball of energy directly into the ground beneath your opponent which penetrates deep into the mantle. A wall of lava then spouts from the hole which will shower your opponent. If you know telekinesis, you can direct the lava. Critical Effect: Burn.
Rock Crusher 2 0% 1 Can be used as a counter and uses up 1 of your usable counters. After anticipating the opponent's next move and concentrating all your energy into your knee, you dodge a physical combo and strike with a vicious knee to the stomach to bring your opponent to his own knees for a 1 action stun. This technique is unblockable. Replaces a physical combo and can only be used once per battle. Strength and speed are doubled during this attack. If used by Turles, speed and strength are tripled instead.
Smite 3 0% 1 (Celestials Only) A holy attack that can be fired as a beam or used similar to blast punch. Does Double damage against demons. Blast punch version is considered a hybrid ki attack (damage can be reduced by things that work with physical or ki attacks)No longer takes up an advanced slot.
Solar Flare - 4% 1 - 2 The user puts his hands in front of his face, yells "Solar Flare!" Using the sun, he blinds his opponent for 2 actions and stuns him for 2 actions. Can be used once per battle. If charged up, can surpass eye shields. If used by Tien, will always hit critically. Critical Effect: Blind.
Static Flicker 7 15% 1 Extending one arm, your palm flickers with ki for one second and then goes out. Thinking that you must have run out of energy, your opponent is surprised when a massive wall of ki in the shape of a rectangle appears a few feet in front of him and engulfs him. Because this is a surprise attack, it is undodgable. Unlike other advanced techniques, it may only be used once per battle.
Tri-Form - 9% 1 The person splits into 3 of himself, each form with 1/3 his stats. Each form receives 3 actions (max of 3 as well). Lasts for 3 posts but can be recalled anytime.
X-Ring 6 12% 1 - 3 You put both palms together touching and move them out quickly forming a ball of energy. Then you raise the ball of energy above your head and it has 2 lines of electricity in the middle making an "X" type form and you throw it. If used by Turles, has DR6.5 instead.
Unaligned Defense - 8% 1 [Neutral Only] Some believe in doing good, others go around committing acts of evil. For you, you have found neither appealing. You have found a way to block out either side and keep your soul for yourself. In this technique you channel that defense against any advanced technique with an alignment Good or Evil (lawful and chaotic count as well) restriction and find a way to save yourself or your allies from their attack (Heal is not impacted). Can be used 2 times in combat. Defense Negates Advanced Aligned Techniques unless charged with 2 or more actions at that point it only defends 50% of the damage.


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