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Alex's DBZ RPG 5 // Rush Techniques


Rush attacks work in a unique way. Please read the technique information page to learn how to perform them.

*Note that while rush attacks that include a ki attack require you to spend the necessary amount of ki, rushes that use a technique such as speed teleport or counter will not actually take away from your maximum usages.

SP Cost
Bloody Smash
11 SP
Start by dropping back on one hand, body horizontal, and slamming your opponent into the distance with a double kick. Speed teleport high above and in front of them, and fly straight towards the ground, interceping their body and driving them into the ground with all of your strength and speed. Powerfly for additional damage. Used: 1 Speed Teleport, 2 Special Attacks
Demon Rend
11 SP
(Mystic Attack Required). Lead off with a powerful punch that breaks your opponents guard. Quickly leap and knee them high in the chest, and continue the motion into an extending leg kick- throwing them backwards. Quickly send out a mystic attack, grabbing them, pulling them back, and unloading with a serious backhand blow to send them crashing into the distance again. Used: 2 Special Attacks, 3 Quick Attacks.
Punishing Rush
21 SP
(Tail, Blast Punch Required). Lead off with a heavy, defense breaking elbow to the gut. Instantly move into a spin, slamming your tail into the opponents legs 3 times in rapid succession, causing them to spin around. Double Blast Punch them in the back, before speed teleporting in front of them, and backhand punch them square in the face. Used: 2 Special attacks, 3 Quick Attacks, 2 Blast Punches, 1 Speed Teleport .
Death Break
15 SP
Lead off with a power punch to the gut, and when their guard is broken roundhouse them into the air. Speed Teleport above them and fly downwards at a fast rate, thrust kicking your foot into their gut, and driving them all the way down into the ground. Used: 3 Special Attacks, 1 Speed Teleport.
Playing for Keeps!
14 SP
Power punch your foe in the face, and then a quick, low blow. Follow with a spinning elbow drop to the back of their head, then drop into a leg sweep. Once they are off their feet and sufficiently disoriented, slam a heavy kick into their face to send them backflipping away. Used: 3 Special attacks, 2 quick attacks.
Final Revenger
15 SP
Grab wrist, empowering it with all your strength, then charge foe and unleash with a wild right handed falling haymaker to their head. Follow up with a kick to send them hurtling away, pursue and launch a rising haymaker/uppercut to the body to continue their backwards flight. Pursue once more, and as they stop grab their head on either side and swing yourself into position behind them, slamming them backwards into a devastating knee to the back. Quickly fly above them, and descend with a final, powerful doublefisted hammerblow to the skull. Used: 4 Special Attacks, 1 Quick attack.
Wild Cat
21 SP
(Cat Paw Stance required). Charge your opponent and hit them with a double claw attack to the stomach, throwing them upwards into the air. Flip through the air a half dozen times to cut them off, and slam your arms down on their crown to stop their flight. Attack with a half dozen fast claw like swipes across their face, the last one a downward swipe that forces their head into position allowing you to front flip and clamp their head between your knees. Fly at the ground, maneuvering your body so that you land atop of their head as it slams into the ground. Used: 3 Special attacks, 6 Quick Attacks.
Burst Rush
23 SP
(Requires Energy Wave & Power Fly). Power Fly at your opponent from a distance away, slamming your elbow into their face as you reach them. Proceed to bury your fist into their gut before quick kicking them into the air. Fly up to meet them, back handing them across the face, and then power punching them in the gut yet again. Send them flying with yet another quick punch, following quickly and landing a rotating backhand to send them crashing to the ground. Before they get a chance to recover charge a beam of energy and loose it upon them from above. Used: 3 Quick attacks, 4 Special Attacks, Energy Wave, Power Fly
Amazing Impact
15 SP
Counter Attack. Dodge your opponents attack by throwing yourself onto your back, then launching a powerful double kick to send them hurtling into the air. Follow, and proceed to double hammerslam them back towards the ground. Used: Counter, 2 Special Attacks.
Brave Punisher
17 SP
(Requires Beam Ball). Counter Attack. Dodge an incoming strike by back flipping over it, slamming your foot into the foes collarbone before landing. Use the momentum of your landing to charge back in, unleashing a powerful punch to their jaw. Leap backwards and fire two beam balls to finish it off. Used: Counter, 2 Special Attacks, 2 Beam Balls.
Meteor Impact
18 SP
(Energy Wave required). Surprise your foe by speed teleporting above and then descending with a powerful double hammerblow to the back of the head, following it up with a driving kick that buries them in the ground. Without disengaging, charge and fire a beam of energy into their fallen form. Used: 2 Special Attacks, Energy Wave, 1 Speed Teleport.
23 SP
(Crush Stance required). Go all out! With little finesse, attack your foe with a dozen quick jabs and kicks, ending with an overhanded hook, a weak hammerblow, a powerful hammerblow to knock them down, and finally a final kick to propel them away. Used: 15 Quick Attacks, 2 Special Attacks
Open Ball Fist
12 SP
Charge your opponent and smash them with a powerful uppercut to break their defense, follow with an even stronger double uppercut to send them into the air. Speed teleport above them, and end with a descending haymaker driving them into the ground. Used: 1 Speed Teleport, 3 Special Attacks.
19 SP
Begins with a low, powerful kick that sends the opponent flying. Speed teleport to intecept their flight with a swiping claw attack across their back, reverse your arms direction and slam a heavy elbow into the small of their back, then a rising knee into the same spot. Finish with a double handed hammer blow to the back of their neck, dropping them back towards the ground. Used: 1 Speed Teleport, 5 Special Attacks.
Death Chaser
14 SP
Charge at your opponent and slam a powerful kick into their stomach, hurtling them into the air. Follow, planting your knee in their gut the instant they slow down, following it up with a hammerblow back towards the ground. The moment they hit, slam into them with your feet. Used: 1 Quick Attack, 3 Special attacks.
Burning Shoot
12 SP
(Flame Shield required). Charge at your foe and blast him into the air with a powerful uppercut. As he flies away you surround yourself with flames and charge after him. Once you catch him you unleash a burning roundhouse and then finally a flaming backhand that sends them crashing into the ground. Used: Flame Shield, 2 Special Attacks, 1 Quick Attack
Galactic Tyrant
18 SP
Evil Only. Charge at your opponent and elbow them in the face which sends them flying backwards. You quickly grab them by their ankle and throw them up into the air. You speed teleport up to them and punch them twice before grabbing their head, and headbutting their skull. As they are falling, you speed teleport to them again and bicycle kick them into the ground. Used: 2 Speed Teleports, 2 Quick Attacks, 3 Special Attacks.
Monster Crush
12 SP
(Aliens Only) While in the air, you speed teleport behind your opponent and then grab them in a bear hug around the neck and arms. Then you fly straight downwards, headfirst. You let go of your opponent at the bottom, throwing him head first into the ground for considerable damage. Used: 1 Speed Teleport, 1 Special Attack inflicting triple normal damage
Kaioken Finish
20 SP
(Kaioken Attack Required) First you kick your opponent into the air. Then you quickly fly above them and double axe-hand them back down to toward the ground. Before they hit, you race after them and double punch them in the spine. Finally, you land on the ground and catch them with one hand before throwing them to the ground. Used: 1 Kaioken Attack, 4 Kaioken Attack-empowered Special Attacks
Boom Shakalaka
20 SP
(Dynamite Kick Required). You speed teleport behind your opponent and quickly deliver a Dynamite Kick to their back which sends them hurdling forwards. You then speed teleport in front of them and Dynamite Kick them again up into the air. Finally, you speed teleport in front of them yet again and Dynamite Kick them back down to the ground. Used: 3 Speed Teleports, 3 Dynamite Kicks .
Imprisonment Volleyball
22 SP
(Hokaku Kon Dan Required). Immediately after successfully trapping an opponent with Hokaku Kon Dan, you attack them. Before spiking the ball into the ground, you first kick the ball high into the air. Then you speed teleport above the ball and drop kick it back downwards. Before it gets too far, you speed teleport next to it and power punch your imprisoned foe as hard as you can. Finally, you speed teleport above the ball once again and double-axe hand it hard into the ground. As soon as it hits the ground, it explodes. Hokaku Kon Dan will only inflict half damage through this rush. May dodge this rush by expending 7 Speed Teleports to dodge the Hokaku Kon Dan. Specific parts cannot be dodged. Used: 3 Speed Teleports, 4 Special Attacks, Hokaku Kon Dan.


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