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Alex's DBZ RPG 5 // Getting Roleplay Bonuses Tutorial


General roleplay information is stated on the How To Play page.

[Personal Roleplays]
This is a common form of roleplaying on the RPG. All you must do is create a new topic, or reply to an old one and write a story about your character. It doesn't matter if your character gets beat up or wins a fight. The only limitations you have are to follow the roleplay rules posted on the rules page. You are welcome to post as many personal roleplays as you would like each week. You may gain up to 3 roleplay credits per 300 words of each roleplay and you will receive 15 EXP points every time the same thread reaches milestones of 1,000 words. So at 1,000 words you would get +15 EXP, at 2,000 words +30, and so on. Please note that personal roleplays are different from personal sagas in that there is no minimum word count to finish them and they can be paused and resumed at a later date while personal sagas need to be finished in one go.

[Personal Saga]
A personal saga is when you create a short series of events that your character takes part in. You will keep posting in a thread until the saga is through. You are limited to completing one personal saga per week. To be eligible for the bonuses outlined below the saga in total must be at least 3,000 words long. This minimum increases by 500 words words for each participant in the saga. (e.g. if there are 2 people posting, the minimum is 3,500 words, 3 people would be 4,000 words). Be sure to write "Personal Saga" in the topic description so staff are aware it is not a personal roleplay. In addition to gaining one rp credit per 300 words, you will also get a completion bonus once the saga is finished. The numbers in the chart below represent how many words you must personally have written to gain these bonuses:

800 words: +200 zeni, +1 DP, +20 all stats, +2 rp Credits, +15 exp
2,000 words: +400 zeni, +2 DP, +50 all stats, +3 rp Credits, +30 exp
5,000 words: +800 zeni, +6 DP, +110 all stats, +6 Rp Credits, +75 exp

These can be combined so for example if you write 7,000 words, you will gain the 5,000 and 2,000 word bonuses combined. The max you can earn from any one personal saga, however, is +2,000 zeni and +300 exp.

If you complete a personal saga alone, you will receive -10% of the completion bonuses. This does not decrease RPC gained. For each member after the second roleplaying in the same thread, completion bonuses will be increased by +10% stats to a max of +20% for 4 players or more. This does not increase zeni or RPC gained.

Tokens: Personal Sagas also give you the ability to earn tokens. Tokens are given out at 10,000 word intervals to people that have at least 2,500 words. For example, if you have 2,500 or more words in the first 10,000, then you will receive 1 token. Then, if you have 5,000 words in the saga when it reaches 20,000 total, you will receive another token. Tokens are capped at 4 per saga. To be eligible for tokens, the saga thread must have at least 3 people posting in it. Tokens can then be spent on purchasing special items (see the items page). You may not sell tokens or wish for tokens or token items. The only way is to earn 'em.

You may complete one quest per day and up to two total per week. To learn more about quests, click here. You may only complete two quests per week unless you have over 500 int. Dragonball quests do not count towards this limit.

Difficulty Completion Bonuses: (received in addition to the stated gains)
Easy: +10 all stats, +10 exp
Medium: +20 all stats, +20 exp
Hard: +50 all stats, +30 exp
Very Hard: +75 all stats, +40 exp
Epic: +100 all stats, +50 exp

If you complete a quest alone, you will receive -10% of the TOTAL completion bonuses (does not apply to trial or transformation quests). For each member beyond the second roleplaying in the same thread, total completion bonuses will be increased by +10% stats to a max of +20% for 4 players or more.

[Official Saga]
Official sagas are a major part of the RPG and a great way to increase your stats through participation. When a post is made in the sagas board by one of the staff, it will have the planet of where it happened. The description will tell you the number of slots available for characters left to join. If you are already there, you may decide to drop what you are doing and participate. In this case you may reply to the thread with your introduction roleplay. If you are not on that planet, you may roleplay your character traveling to the spot of the saga. You do not actually have to travel there in this case, so your character might be on Namek but you could participate in the Earth Saga. To participate you must make an introduction roleplay. (See introduction roleplay section below)

Official sagas are also different in that you may roleplay in them and other threads at the same time. If you die in an official saga, you may also choose whether or not you actually want to go to the Next Dimension. If you choose not to, your death will merely be used as a plot device in the saga and your participation in it will end. The only exception to this would be if the planet is destroyed.

Speaking of which, you should keep in mind that site NPCs aren't bound by the same restrictions that playable characters are. They are often strong and incredibly difficult to take on. As such, the group fighting limit of participants does not apply to saga battles.

[Introduction Roleplay]
An introduction roleplay is required to join an official saga. In an introduction roleplay you must roleplay your characters arrival into the story. For example, you might roleplay arriving to a city and finding it in rubble. Another example could be greeting characters already involved in the saga.


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