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Alex's DBZ RPG 5 // Player Owned Planets

Traveling: Space travel is pretty easy, you must have two things. A space ship of any sort is one of them, and the other is around 7 days. Typically it takes 1 week to travel to or from any planet. Which type of ship you have may decrease this time.

Owned by: Karas
Population: None yet
Moon: No

Special Features: None

Description: Drangleic is best described as a virtual utopia of a planet, thriving with all manner of life. The entire planet is almost completely devoid of technological advances save for some random spires located across the planet's surface. The geography of the planet is vast and as different from area to area as most planets with a 50/50 ratio of land to water. Each of the planet's polar caps houses a land mass of frozen tundra habitable only by species that have evolved to adapt to the locations.

Volcanoes, mountains, deserts and valleys all cover the planet's surface. As do forests and canyons and islands. The uniqueness of Drangleic's geography is in its vast selection of otherworldly majestic environments such as it's lightning valleys, valleys formed between mountain ranges where lightning storms at constantly active at all times of the day. Or the acid pools located within pitch-black forests that produce potent natural poisons and acids. These locations are ideal habitats for the planet's primary occupants, dragons. The atmosphere, by result, is astoundingly rich in oxygen produced by the vast number of plants covering the planet's surface, making it easily breathable to most all species that would visit it.

DBZ Grace
Owned by: Bulla Briefs
Population: 12.4 Million
Moon: No

Special Features: Civilizations I & II, Capitol City, Barracks, Guild Hall w/Padded Rooms, 500 lb weights, Punching Bag, & VR Node, Hospital, Factory, Outpost (GRIME), Trading Post (GRIME), Planetary Hero x7, Beerus' Mansion, Custom Item: Can travel to any planet (takes 3 weeks) making travel between this planet and that one instant (must own a ship), Owner Set Gravity, Roleplay and Battle Gains are increased by 10% (not counting Zeni), takes double the normal time to destroye

Description: A small sentient planet known as a planetary titan. The planet has one main continent made up of six countries: Judif, North Biscopo, South Biscopo, Malifore, Valir, and Querenci. The rest of the world is relatively unexplored, mostly because Grace herself does not want it to be, and so the oceans and atmosphere outside of this land are treacherous at best. The main continent has the best of many cultures: Judif for the battle hungry, Malifore for mercenaries out to make a quick buck, Valir for high crime, Biscopo for business, and Querenci as the melting pot for them all. If our gravity doesn't crush you, feel free to stay awhile!

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