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Alex's DBZ RPG 5 // Planet Mortoseth

Planet Description
Population: 2 billion+ Vagril, 100,000,000 changelings & aliens
Moon: Yes
Special Features: Mushroom Fields
Ruler: Lord Frost
Military Strength: 3,000+
Average PL: Military 1,000, Civilian 250

Mortoseth has long been symbolized as the Yin-Yang planet of the galaxy due to it’s non-rotational nature. In other words the planet is in a fixed orbit with its local star where only one side of the planet receives light, and the other cast in continual shadow. The side of continual day, near the equatorial regions, features towering desert dunes and arid wastes. Suddenly, toward the temperate zones, vegetation and forests flourish and bloom wildly due to the continual sunlight. The side of unending darkness is a place of horror and one of beauty. Here, creatures of untold roam and feast upon any foolish enough to stray into the shadow. Yet it is also here that the delicate moon-flowers blossom. On the rare occasion of the full moon, entire landscapes transform for but a few hours into dazzling fields of ivory and silver, releasing their soft scents and pollen. Mortoseth has a single moon called Laix and orbits the yellow star known as Fieros.


Initially, Mortoseth was inhabited by the Vagril, a species of crustacean-like creatures. These peaceful beings live among the mushrooms fields of the day-side, harvesting the fungus that apparently grant the consumer a boost in strength and skill.However, the PTO now controls and lives upon the planet, utilizing the mushroom trade as a secondary source of income, as well as beautiful landscape becoming a vacation hotspot among the changeling population.The Vagril have since been enslaved by the Changelings, whom now either plow the mushroom fields without end, or have been sent away for other labor… and as a delicacy among a few royals with a taste for shellfish.

Politics and Government

Mortoseth is controlled by, and thus under the military obligations of, the PTO. The main political embassy is perhaps the grandest of all buildings on the entire planet, positioned perfectly at the North Pole where each face of the building is in day, night, star rise and star set. Only 5% of the permanent population are Changeling, the other 95% being Vagril, other slave species and a number of allied races too.Having exploited the mushroom fields as a key resource for the planet, the PTO has established a hefty profit from keeping the planet under their own control and not selling it on, as would be the norm. Furthermore the planet holds proximity to the Kelioux empires and the Saiyan Colonial planet of Valhalla, meaning Mortoseth is of high tactical advantage to the PTO and is heavily guarded.


Prior to its annex into the PTO, Mortoseth was an independent planet, closely tied with the Saiyan and Kelioux empires for trade and military protection. The Vagril themselves do not fare well in battle and thus their only means of guaranteed survival in such a militarized galaxy was trade of their famous mushroom fields. Soon after the PTO incursion, the Changelings established several military sites upon the planet, heavily emphasizing its tactical advantage by various supplements of men, machinery and investment in local business and commerce. Strangely enough, the planet has seen little military action since the annexation.

Key Locations

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