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Alex's DBZ RPG 5 // Kanassa

Planet Description

Population: 3 billion+ Kanassans
Moons: Yes
Special Features: Spending two weeks (consecutively) will teach you telepathy. Spending four weeks will teach you telekinesis. Spending six weeks will teach you telepathic link.
Ruler: Elder Council of Kanassa; Senator Gerig on the Protectorate Senate.
Military Strength: 80,000+
Average PL: Military 800, Civilian 150

Planet Kanassa is a gray mountainous world, similar to earth in climate, but is almost 1.5x larger than earth. Most of the hospitable zones are in the northern and southern hemispheres. There are two main oceans, the Sea of Sorrows and the Great Crater Sea, which is said to have been created when a giant asteroid smashed into the planet millions of years ago. Around its equator Kanassa is highly volcanic, with earthquakes and eruptions almost daily. The massive Forest of Illusion, which takes up almost an entire continent is well preserved and is at the heart of Kanassan culture. Kanassa has three moons. The large one known as Rhobis "Big Fish" the smaller one known as Garobis "Little Fish" and Orichi "The Oracle" the moon highest in orbit (thus smallest in appearance.) Kanassa orbits a yellow star known as Eryuha " "Great Fiery Eye."


To a human a Kanassan would appear fish like due to their large facial jowls. They are actually closer to reptiles in physiology. They have thick scaled skin, their upper skulls are encased in bone protecting their large brains. Males are typically seven to eight feet tall and weigh over two hundred pounds, while females are much smaller—only six to seven feet and weigh in near one hundred and thirty pounds. Kanassans are omnivores, but prefer to eat meat over vegetation. Most importantly, all Kanassans are born with telepathic abilities. They can communicate with each other and other sentient beings through a mere thought. As their psychic powers developed, Kanassans have learned to harness ki and also use telekinesis. Kanassans are able to speak, although have harsh voices and rarely do so unless its to communicate with spacers. It is said their greatest seers are able to see into the future.

Politics and Government

Kanassans used to have a great and highly advanced civilization. But after a war with the Saiyans that almost annihilated their whole race, they have resorted to a more primitive tribal existence. Their clans and tribes are led by elders, who serve on a council to decide what is best for the whole. The Elder Council also appoints a Senator, to represent the world in the Protectorate Senate on Avalon. Kanassans are wary of outsiders, barely trusting the Avalanians and their other allies, preferring to stay in their isolation.


The Kanassans once built a great civilization on their planet. Giant cities had once spread across their globe. They were a philosophical people, dedicated to learning and enjoying life. Their telepahtic connection made it so all minds were networked and cooperative. That is, until the Saiyans arrived. Just a handful of Saiyan warriors, on a full moon, devastated the planet of Kanassa, leaving it a smoldering ruin. The Avalon Protectorate, a hundred years later, came upon the suffering world and lent their hand in aide. Since then they have gave much support to the wary Kanassans, to help rebuild their former civilization. It proves to be a slow going process.

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