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Alex's DBZ RPG 5 // Fire Temple

Fire Temple

Created long ago by Yaidratians who often make pilgrimages to Cauldron, the Fire Temple is an ancient temple of worship that is accessible only by those who have proven themselves worthy. Even after the planet was destroyed the Fire Temple remains standing. The Inferno Rod is required to gain entrance to the temple and once inside, you must wear a Flame Tunic at all times as the flames within burn hotter than the surface of the planet's sun. It is unknown how these fires keep burning or why they simply do not melt the stone around them but meditating within the Fire Temple is said to grant you great powers.

You may use the Fire Temple once throughout the RPG. Once you enter, you may spend up to four weeks inside. You can leave anytime but may never return if you do. Meditation training gains are increased by a factor of 10 (doesn't multiply equipment gains). You will also learn a new perk for each week of training. You cannot be sneaked or battle while inside the Fire Temple. You may spar, but only with a Gem of Telepathy. May train in the Fire Temple or the Ice Temple, but not both.

After 1 week - Fire Training 1. All fire-based attacks (techniques with critical effect: burn) gain +1 damage rating level.
After 2 weeks - Fire Training 2. You may freely add critical effect: burn onto any advanced technique you currently know.
After 3 weeks - Fire Training 3. All fire-based attacks do 25% less damage to you.
After 4 weeks - Complete a quest to learn the special technique Fireball.

Once you have completed your training inside of the Fire Temple, your Flame Tunic will have melted onto you. You must therefore keep this item in your inventory at all times and may never equip it again (it no longer grants bonuses).

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