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Alex's DBZ RPG 5 // Compendium // Space Travel and Technology

Spacecraft Design

There are three tiers of spaceship design and technology, respectively from the three largest ship building societies.

3rd Tier - Saiyans

Saiyan space ship design is revolved around fusion torch engines. Which basically uses a circular shaped bottle in which a fusion reaction is created inside and funneled out of an exhaust giving an explosive thrust. While archaic, these engines give a vast amount of thrust, but it makes the saiyan ships a bit more like sprinters than marathon runners. The torch also powers the ship, and the miniature gravitrons that give their ships gravity.

2nd Tier - Avalanians

Avalanian ship building design revolves around using more advanced AMD or Artificial Mass Drive, which works similar to a gravitron, generating mass. Avalanians have mastered the use of generating fields of mass and gravity which allows them to slingshot their ships through space and time. Their ships are very fast normally, but sometimes considered inefficient when it comes to fuel.

1st Tier - Keliouxian

Modern Keliouxian design is based on The Lost's ancient superior ships. Their ships never require fuel as they use a combination of AMD and fusion. Their engine is called a pulse drive. It gives them the sprint of fusion engines and the steady speed of Avalanian ships.

Jump Gates

While a ship can move fast through space, it still would take them millions of years to let alone reach the next star system. This problem is altered by Jump Gates, which burrow a worm hole through space and time and thus reduce travel time to seven days in this alternate dimension. Distance seems to not have much of an effect on how long one stays in jump space. Average times clock in at seven days, but there are variations as jump space is not reliable. The rules are very different there.

Jump Gates are owned by the Gate Corporation which is a conglomerate of individuals and races from each of the great galactic powers. It is well respected and offers the galactic transit service. It is well to note that military forces use their own, portable jump gates, which give them greater flexibility and they do not have to rely on the Gate Corporation.


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