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Alex's DBZ RPG 5 // Compendium // Saiyan Empire


Population: 45,000,000,000

Capital: Vegeta

Colonies: Valhalla

Ethnicity: 9% saiyan, 90% slaves of various race

Leader: King Vegeta

Political Structure: Saiyan society uses a powerful feudal system. The King is the leader of the whole of the empire and Saiyans are divided into classes depending on their combat ability. Super Elites and Elites are nobility and they own huge tracks of land on planets and countless slaves to do their bidding while they fight wars. The lower class are military grunts with little land and little freedom or respect. Slaves have no say in Saiyan government and are considered expendable.

Average Military Power Level: 1,200


The Saiyan's history is covered in bloodshed. They started off as a tribal race of people on Planet Plant. They shared the world with a technologically and mentally superior race called the Tuffles. Eventually the saiyans, being the warriors they are, slaughtered the Tuffles and assimilated their technology. With ships they began to search the stars. Every world they stumbled upon they either destroyed or conquered (if they found it worth while to keep). Their lust for battle drove them to wipe out countless civilizations, just seeking a challenge.


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