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Alex's DBZ RPG 5 // Compendium // Next Dimension

What is the Next Dimension?

Physicists throughout the galaxy have been pondering this idea for centuries. The truth has seemed to evade them until Master Eslfeld of Kelioux has recently come to a most intriguing solution.

The universe we live in, our galaxies, stars, planets and space itself are part of a dimensional layer system. Sort of like the layers in bedrock. Our universe is a large and vast layer at the bottom of the echelon. The Next Dimension itself is just as big but "thinner" than our layer. There are different physical rules while in the Next Dimension, and a being cannot be in both layers at the same time. As one does not need to eat or breathe while being there and high levels of energy are easier to come by without taking a toll on the user.

Upon death, their life force does not just fade away, it migrates to the thinner layer above our own and there it still exists. The stronger the ki of the individual the more they retain upon entering the Next Dimension.

Most beings that are in the Next Dimension are waste from this dimension. But, there are natives to the ND, such as the Kais. The Kais believe themselves to be watchers of our universe, but it debated whether or not they have any real ability to alter things in our universe. They may just be self proclaimed gods, or they might actually be powerful sentient beings capable of omnipotent actions. It is up for debate. Not to mention, anyone who goes to the ND almost never return so observable or subjective proof is barely possible.


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