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Alex's DBZ RPG 5 // Compendium // Ki

What is Ki?

Ki is what sets the great apart from the mundane. Every living being in the universe has ki, as is their spiritual essence. But the ability to manipulate ones own life force takes great practice and skill.

Some beings, like the Saiyans are born with naturally high power levels which enables ki manipulation to be natural as walking, eating, and breathing. Other races, like the humans of earth have to train long and hard to prepare both body and mind to use this ability.

Many describe ki as "the breath" as in it releasing it is like taking a deep breath, a sort of soul breath, and letting it flow through the body. In raw form it acts like a pulse or shock wave. But as one grows powerful they are able to shape it. Beams, blasts, and other various shaped ki discharges are a result of knowing ones own ki and how to bend it to their willpower.

Ki can heal or destroy. It is neutral. The willpower of the user is the end result on which it will do. To protect oneself ki can act as a shield, or it could quite possibly destroy entire worlds. It is the most powerful force nature and life has ever produced.

Ki regenerates inside of the body over time and as one continues to manipulate there is no set limit to how much their spirit can grow and possess. Upon death, ki is released from our world but it since it cannot be destroyed it flows over to the next.


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