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Alex's DBZ RPG 5 // Compendium // Kelioux Empire

Population: 20,000,000,000

Capital: Kelioux

Colonies: Ippen, Juno, Cauldron (ruins)

Ethnicity: 55% Keliouxian, 45% other

Leader: Grandmaster Adel

Political Structure: Keliouxians have a unique political structure. They are lead by elders with great mastery and knowledge. Elders are not elected, but rather, thrust upon positions of power because they are most trusted due to their age and wisdom. Their leaders are refered to as masters.

Average Military Power Level: 615


On their first home world the Keliouxians were very different. They were a decadent race of people bent on riches, fame, and glory. They saw that their home world's annihilation as a sign that their ways must be changed. They found the planet Kayren, which once was the capital world of The Lost's great ancient civilization. There they devoted themselves to knowledge and mastery of the world around them. With this new dogma they forged a powerful empire.


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