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Alex's DBZ RPG 5 // Compendium // Galatic History

First Era - The Eons of Creation

After the big bang this time was volatile. Galaxies, star systems, and planets were all formed out of the sub atomic particles that makes up our dimension. For countless millions of years there was no life to flourish, as the universe was too chaotic.

Second Era - The Ages of The Lost

Several billions and millions of years after the Eons of Creation had settled, planets became stabilized and life began to grow. The first great civilization was created during this time. They colonized countless worlds across our galaxy, almost every habitable world has remnants of their structures. They also were the first race to master ki use and their own spiritual energy. The Lost are said to be more powerful than any race, with the average power level being around 5,000. They were masters of their domain.

Until something happened. Throughout every world they almost went extinct alongside most life itself. It is said that few lost survived and attempted to repopulate the stars with genetic engineering. Some believe that all life today exists because of the efforts of these few.

Third Era - The Dark Ages

Eventually the remainder of the lost died out or at least merged with the other races and they were forgotten about for millions of years. During this time life returned and civilizations rose up once again. The three most important being the Avalanians, the Saiyans, and the Keliouxians.

During this era the Avalanians learned of their natural born ki. They began to manipulate it before any other of the races. They also studied the remnants of the lost and were able to start off creation brilliant technologies. And the technologies took them to the stars.

On the planet Vegeta the Tuffles, a brilliant race created great machines themselves. But they were eventually slain by the barbaric Saiyans, that lived on the same world, and they were overthrown. The Saiyans adapted their technology and began their war against all other life in the stars.

The Keliouxian's, another brilliant race's, home planet was destroyed by a super nova. They were able to escape and found another planet with more ruins of The Lost than any other. Settling down on that world they began to study and research the legacy left behind.

Fourth Era - Now

With three galactic powers on the rise, all of them carrying the legacy of the lost, a new era is born. It could be an era of great turmoil, genocide, and destruction. Or perhaps it will turn out to be a prospering era as sentient beings are brought together, bound by their ancestors and a common idea of peace.


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