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Alex's DBZ RPG 5 // Compendium // Avalon Protectorate

Population: 14,000,000,000

Capital: Avalon

Colonies: Earth, Namek, Kanassa

Ethnicity: 25% Avalanian, 30% Human, 30% Kanassan, 15% Namekian

Leader: Avalanian Council

Political Structure: The Avalon Protectorate is a republic. Each world rules itself, but Avalon's superior technology and Paladin military has devoted itself to defending the lesser worlds from being conquered by threatening other powers.

Average Military Power Level: 250


Seeing the mass genocides of the Saiyans produce and the rising power levels in the galaxy, the gentle Avalanian race decided to expand. They found Namek, Kanassa, and earth, and made peace with the sentient beings there. They then decided to become their protectors and mentors. Paladins, the elite warrior class of Avalon, stand ready to aid at any moment.


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