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Alex's DBZ RPG 5 // Technique Information


To learn an advanced technique you must know three fundamental techniques. To learn two advanced you must know six fundamentals and so on. This means to learn all five advanced techniques, you must already know at least fifteen fundamental ones. Once you learn fifteen fundamentals you no longer have to learn any more to get additional advanced techniques. Also, to learn your finisher, you must already know at least two advanced techniques.

Damage Levels

As a general rule the more ki you use, the stronger the attack. Every technique also has a base damage rating out of 10. A rating of 10 would be the most damaging and a rating of 1 would be the weakest. Each damage level is twice as strong as the level preceding it. For example a technique that has level 6 damage is twice as powerful as a technique with level 5 damage. There are also some moves that have half levels. Since charging techniques with extra actions increases it's damage by 1 full level, there are some moves that can be charged off of the scale to become level 12's or level 13's. These are devastating and would most likely kill instantly if hit.

Technique Effects

Certain techniques will have an added effect on critical strikes (as determined by ref). Each effect lasts for 6 battle actions. Below is a list of all such effects:

Burn: -15% toughness and vitality
Poison: +50% ki drain (i.e. a move that would take 20% ki now takes 30%)
Slice: -25% vitality.
Immobilize: doubles action cost.
Pierce: -15% vitality and toughness per action.
Death: 10% chance of instant kill.
Crush: -5% all stats, can cancel up to 3 actions
Blind: Temporarily blinds opponent. While blinded they cannot make any offensive actions.
Confusion: -50% intelligence, charisma, and determination.

Beams vs Blasts

In this RPG there are three types of ki attacks: beams, blasts, and other. Blasts are ki attacks that explode on contact with something or someone. A beam, on the other hand, keeps going even if it hits a person it will simply engulf them. "Other" are neither beam nor blast but something unique to that tech.

Fundamental Moves

Each character starts with fifteen fundamental technique slots. This means you can learn up to fifteen moves in this category. There is no limit to the amount of times you may use each fundamental move (provided you have enough ki). Fundamental moves cannot be charged but can be leveled up by paying an additional 2 SP. A level two fundamental is called "Adept" while a level three is called "Mastered." These tags should be placed before the technique name. Each level increases the technique's damage rating by +0.5. You must be training with a master to level up a fundamental. You may level up a total of six fundamentals.

Advanced Moves
Each character starts with five advanced technique slots. Advanced techniques are the moves that your character should be best known for in battle. Each advanced technique may only be used three times per battle. When firing an advanced ki attack, your power level will be temporarily boosted by the % of ki used with an additional 2% added for each damage level (total boost capped at +40% your max pl). You may also level up two advanced techniques by paying an additional 4 SP. You must be training with a master to level up a move. A level two advanced technique is tagged 'Mastered' and reduces ki consumption by 2% (to a minimum of 1%).

The number in the actions column is how many actions in battle the move requires for you to perform it. If a move has a range of actions such as 1-2 or 2-3 then that means it can be charged (if you know the energy charger ability) to increase its damage and destructiveness. If you know energy doubler, you can even spend one additional action charging past its maximum to further increase the damage.

Each action spent charging an advanced ki attack will increase ki usage by 1% and increase damage rating by +1.

Power Ups

Each character starts with three power up slots. A power up is a technique which can enhance you in combat. While defensive power-ups require one action, non-defensive power-ups do not and can be used in addition to an attacking action. For example, Zanzoken does not itself require an action. You may use power ups as many times per battle as you like.


Each character starts with one finisher slot. Finishers are typically used to end battles and cannot be used in your first three posts. Some finishers have the capability of seriously hurting or completely destroying your opponent if they are successful. You may only use a finisher once per battle unless otherwise stated. When firing a finisher that is a ki attack, your power level will be temporarily boosted by the % of ki used with an additional 10% added for each damage level (total boost capped at +125% your max pl).

Each action spent charging a finisher will increase ki usage by 2% and increase damage rating by +1.


Each character may learn one stance. Stances can only be used in certain situations in battles and do not require an action to perform. You may always use your stance at the beginning of any battle. After that, you will need to look for a lull in the fighting to get back into your stance. If your opponent's last 2 actions in his post are not attacking you, you may use your stance again. Some other examples of when you can use a stance are that you and your opponent take a break to have dialogue or if you are in a group battle you are not currently fighting.


Each character starts with two custom technique slots, one for a fundamental and one for an advanced technique. The fundamental custom can be used right away while the advanced custom slot must be unlocked after obtaining 100 intelligence. All customs must be posted on the custom techniques board for staff approval. Below is the info necessary to create a custom:

1 - 3 = Fundamental (1 Action Cost)
4 - 7 = Advanced (2 Action Cost)
8 - 10 = Finisher (3 Action Cost)

2 SP = +1 Damage
Examples: 1 Damage = 2 SP, 5 Damage = 10 SP, 10 Damage (max) = 20 SP

Adding Effects
Cost: 10 SP
- Occur only on Critical Attacks
- Limit 1 per move

Non-Damaging Techs
Cost: 15 SP

Ki drain is equal to damage cost (in SP), damage cost +1% for advanced, and +3% for finishers

*Note that you may only create a custom finisher if you have the technique master donation item.*


Special abilities are miscellaneous skills that can be used both in and out of battle. There is no limit to how many you can have.

Hybrid Attacks

Some attacks are marked as "hybrid" in their description. These are a mix of both physical and ki attacks and so cannot be completely stopped by a defensive technique that repels one of the other. Instead, they can be reduced to 50% damage from anything that will stop either.

Weapon Techs

Each sword technique costs 2 SP to learn. To learn one, you must have a sword equipped and be training with self. You must have a blade level higher or equal to the move you are trying to learn. You can learn 1 sword technique at a time. To learn a level 4 sword technique, you must first acquire a level 4 sword.

As of the 5.4.4 patch, players must now declare 7 prepared weapon techniques to take into battle. You may then only use these techniques. You do not need to declare passive techniques as prepared.

Note: Unless otherwise specified, each attack can only be done once per battle.

Rush Attacks

Each character starts off with 1 rush technique slot. Rush attacks are unique combinations where you physically rush at your opponent. They can be learned from any master and each can only be used once per battle. Rush attacks cannot be blocked or easily dodged. The defender may "spend" speed teleports to dodge parts of a rush attack. It will cost 1 speed teleport to dodge 2 quick attacks, 1 special attack, or 1 fundamental. If a Rush attack uses a speed teleport itself, then the defender must first use a speed teleport of their own to negate it. So for example, a total of three speed teleports would need to be used to fully dodge the Blood Smash Rush which consists of a speed teleport and two special attacks.


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