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Alex's DBZ RPG 5 // Planet Cactaylisma

Planet Description
Population: 2 billion+ Lismians, 500 million Aliens
Moon: No
Special Features: While on Cactaylisma the Crime Boss and Crime Lord jobs add +5 stamina and +250 zeni.
Ruler: Lord Lecorix
Military Strength: 10 million+
Average PL: Military 800, Civilian 85

Cactaylisma is known as the crystal world. It has a temperate climate, but spread all over the continents are huge formations of shimmering colorful rock. The flora of the planet are enormous. The Babel Tree is perhaps the largest known tree in the galaxy. The lands are covered with them and they rise over two miles into the air. The planet is also home to large roving beasts known as Grugs, enormous lizards with long snake like necks that eat the Babel Tree's leaves. Cactaylisma orbits two stars, one is a yellow star named Vari and the other is a smaller blue-white star named Olon. Night only occurs every few years on Cactaylisma and it lasts for only a few hours.


The primary race of Cactaylisma is the Lismians, a race of blond hair, blue eyed humanoids. Despite the giant nature of their planet, the Lismians are actually quite small, most standing betweem 4'5 through 5'5 feet tall. They are a fiercely independant people who value liberty more than anything. Many Lismians have taken up criminal pursuits and formed violent pirate organizations; the most famous of them are the Star Wolves. With their world adjacent to the Planetary Trade Organization, Saiyan Empire and Kelioux Empire, they are in position to find trade vessels ripe for the picking.

Politics and Government

Cactaylisma has a monarchy. Their ruler is Lord Lecorix and beneath him are various nobles and lesser lords who rule over different parts of the planet. The unique thing about Cactaylisma is that the government participates in criminal activites against other governments. Lord Lecorix is known to fund various pirate groups and criminal organizations. Whether or not he does this out of fear or as a business venture, is unknown, but the truth is he holds little real power.


Cactaylismians have a long past of warfare and violence on their world. They are actually a recent addition to the galactic community. Their technology level was pre-industrial before the arrival of the Keliouxians a hundred years ago. Eager to learn and expand their knowledge, Cactaylisma joined the Kelioux Empire. They learned how to harness their ki, how to build computers, spacecraft and weapons from the Keliouxians. After twenty years they broke free of Keliouxian rule during a brutal civil war. They were supported by the PTO, which sold them powerful weapons and hired out expert mercenaries. Grandmaster Adel, after losing many soldiers to their ambushes and guerrilla tactics, recalled his troops and freed the Cactaylismians. With their freedom, the pirate organizations rose to power and Cactaylisma entered a new age.


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