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Alex's DBZ RPG 5 // Arlia

Planet Description
Population: 500 million
Moon: Yes
Special Features: Battle Arena
Ruler: Lord Frost / PTO
Military Strength: 100,000+
Average PL: Military 800, Civilian 20

Arlia is a planet similar in size to Frieza and Earth, though that is where the similarities stop. The world is naturally covered in red, vibrant soil due to the iron rich environment from which it was forged. From this metal based planet grew a diverse ecosystem of primarily insect beings, including a sentient race known as the Arlians. Arlia has two polar caps, though due to the planet’s extreme axis tilt and rotation speed, these ice sheets are incredibly thick and rise up abruptly from the tundra fields of the north and south. Named the Diamond Cliffs, they are one of the galaxy’s most viewed tourist destinations. The largest body of liquid on the planet is the in-land Sea of Karuth which, according to Arlian legends, was the birthplace of all life on this world. The rest of the planet is largely arid desert, though there are a number of lush gems of vegetation, typically found around Karuth. Arlia's moon is known as the Great Queen and the blue-white start it orbits is called Xiotoul.


The Arlians are insectoid, both in physicality and in nature. Functioning much like a giant hive network, the entire planet of Arlia is one of great cities, built in symmetry and block fashion. The capital city, Arloa, houses the royal palace of the naturally selected King and Queen. The Arlians, despite their deceptively weak frame and general character, are in fact a race of warriors. Every city has a traditional Gladiator Arena where thousands gather for their entertainment. Arlians are typically born with a Power Level of 100 and many males are nurtured from birth to either serve in the military or become a fine gladiator.

Politics and Government

Traditionally the King and Queen of Arlia would have absolute rule of their subjects, deciding upon laws and various rules that could be enforced less than a day later. The Gladiator Arena is also place of politics – in times of old it would be here that warriors would fight for glory and politicians too would battle it out for leadership and passing of new laws. Nowadays warriors fight against wild beasts, imported from all over the entire galaxy. There is, however, the odd dispute that can only be settle in the arena. After interspersed periods of civil war and interplanetary conflict, the Saiyans soon descended upon Arlia for a short period of time. They soon put the insects to work, having them build massive spire cities in the surrounding desert wastes. Unfortunately for both races, the PTO had set their eyes on Arlia to add to their ever growing collection of worlds. Typically a world would be sold on, but Arlia was unique to the Changeling Empire for their tourist economy and gladiator heritage. Thus the PTO settled a ‘deal’ with the Arlians – they would spare the insects and in return receive a new planet and private military with which to play with…


In the distant past, Arlia shared a similar evolutionary past with Earth, though the insects became the dominant, sentient species in place of the lower primates. The planet itself has seen countless civil wars, between the Arlians and some of the other minor races that inhabit it's deep caves or expansive wastelands. As such, the Arlians are battle hardy - it just served as a shame when they were invaded, twice in the space of a decade, by two powerful warrior races.

Key Locations

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