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Alex's DBZ RPG 5 // Introduction
Welcome to Alex's DBZ RPG 5, an online roleplaying game originally created in June 2000 based on the Dragonball Z universe. ADBZRPG5 has a vast universe that is unique from other Dragonball Z RPGs. Cooperate with other members in quests and sagas or compete against them in battles and spars. Don't waste your time on other RPGs that could close down tomorrow. Alex's DBZ RPG has a proven track record of over a decade. The current version of the site has been running since June of 2006 and it is the only DBZ RPG where you can win real life prizes. Even Chris Sabat likes us.

Alex's DBZ RPG 5 // News and Updates

We Are Giving Away An Xbox One For Christmas
DBZ RPG News DBZ RPG NEWS: December 1st, 2017 DBZ RPG News By: Razak

DBZ RPG As most of you already know, ADBZRPG isn't like other DBZ RPGs. While other sites are created based on hatred or because the person in charge wants to feel powerful as admin, we actually care about the members. The original idea behind this site was to create an RPG that people could be assured their hard work would never go to waste because it would never die off. In over 17 years of operation (the site was created in June 2000), we have so far kept that promise. Now we are going to go one step above and do something that no other DBZ RPG has ever done before - give away an Xbox One! Merry Christmas!

For details on how to enter click here.

For a relaxing game other than the Dragonball Z RPG we recommend It's not just for housewives!

Alex's DBZ RPG 5 // CBox

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Alex's DBZ RPG 5 // Top 25 Fighters
1. Beerus 2,419,832
2. Whis 1,922,156
3. Lilim 1,458,798
4. Vegeta 1,189,282
5. Chaos 1,050,576
6. Hiiragi Junior 1,047,706
7. Yan Cass 924,082
8. Juch 833,486
9. Jared Miruzuki 756,906
10. Kasume 624,678
11. Bulla Briefs 622,662
12. Daji 590,608
13. Hayami 583,184
14. Levana 524,874
15. Wriggle 460,276
16. Shinaki Honjo 427,648
17. Bardock 413,906
18. Bebi 386,444
19. Helios Ryuad Rune Sirat 378,612
20. Vlad 369,664
21. Trunks 317,882
22. Cell 308,564
23. Razak 300,054
24. Kranzer 295,960
25. Asuka 279,238

Updated: December 2nd 2017

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Alex's DBZ RPG 5 // Statistics & Topsites
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